Zoom App is Valued more Than the 7 Biggest Airlines

Zoom App is worth more than 7 Airlines

The technology industry has taken a toll since many countries announced their lockdown. But one business that is yielding the most profit day by day is Zoom – a video-conferencing application.

Most of the companies are asking its employees to work from home and doing conference calls. Schools taking online classes and delivering lectures through Zoom. Some people calling their acquaintances to stay in touch, has made zoom a popular tool to stay connected.

There has been an increase in the number of zoom users as compared to last year. In December from 10 million daily users it increased to 300 million daily users in April. Despite the backlash on zoom users’ privacy and security concerns, there has been no decline in its demand. Most of it is owned by the work/study from home culture.

When compared the market value of zoom with 7 airlines (Southwest, Unites, Delta, IAG, Lufthansa, American Airlines, and Air France-KLM) it turned out that zoom stands out with a total capital of 48.78 billion as compared to the collective capital of these airlines, which is 46.21 billion.

The app is very friendly to use, the user experience and the feature to hold a maximum of 100 users in a video call. This is setting this Zoom apart from the competition. Despite a few security and privacy issues with the app. The fortunes are all zooming in the app’s valuation to be all-time high.

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