Your Next Hotel Stay Will Not be the same

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Though many people are opting to travel again, their next travel experience will not be the same. The next trip is not going to be completely normal as it was pre-pandemic. 

From no alcohol on planes to quarantining when you come back home, traveling is changing in every way. It is better to expect all kinds of different rules for your next vacation so you don’t get a surprise when you reach your destination. 

However, in the UK hotels are preparing to reopen from the start of July once the government gives the orders. Big hotel chains and boutique hotels are all eager to reopen their door after shutting the business for three consecutive months. 

There will be a few notable changes when you next check in to your favorite hotel. However, you can still expect good service, good food, more cleaning, and comfy beds. 

Here are some changes that you will experience during your next stay at a hotel 

Social Distancing Measures 

Many hotels are rearranging their lobbies and restaurants to practice social distancing. However, some hotels, such as Bovey Castle in Devon are adjusting their check-in and out times, to avoid crowding at a reception at peak times. 

Moreover, in some areas, there will be only one-way systems so the guests and staff do not cross paths at the same time. 

Many hotels are reducing their furniture, so there is more open space for the public to cross by. Moreover, it will reduce the chances of many people sitting at the same place at a time. 

However, IHG, which owns Holiday Inn, is allowing only one person at a time in a lift. It is allowing more than one person in the lift only if they are from the same household. 

Enhanced Cleaning Protocols 

Hotels are enhancing their existing room-cleaning services. There will be more cleaning of customer touchpoints throughout buildings, such as lift buttons, door handles, and banisters. 

In rooms, cleaners will disinfect light switches, door handles, TV remotes, coat hangers, and thermostats. However, some hotels like Hilton, are giving their guests disinfecting wipes for their personal use. 

Meanwhile, in some hotels housekeeping will be optional, as guests might not want staff to enter their room. 

Exercise and Fitness areas

Some hotels are limiting their facilities of gym, fitness center and pool area. Hotels are reducing the timings of these facilities in order to clean multiple times a day. Fitness equipment is kept with distance. So, fewer guests will be able to use the gym at a time. 

Accor, which runs the Mondrian, Pullman, Novotel, Mercury, and Ibis hotels is planning to alter its bedrooms and meeting rooms to create private office and intimate co-worker spaces for people unable to work from home or offices. 

No Buffets 

In hotels, there will be more focus on takeaway food. There will be no huge buffets for breakfast or any meal. Breakfast will be served in boxes in addition to ordering room service. 

IHG has eliminated its buffet setup and giving a ‘grab and go’ breakfast option and a la carte room service. 

Bovey Castle will be shutting their dining area and limiting table reservations. So, when the guest arrives they are spaced more evenly to prevent sitting closely with other guests.

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Hotel pool side
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