World’s Seven Most Expensive Cities to Travel

Singapore skyline

While you are making a bucket list of your travel plans, be realistic. By this we mean, if the dream destination is an expensive town then you do the right math and get a better amount for it.

In order to make your dreams reality Travel Jin Team is always at work! We have already covered the cheapest places to travel in Asia and Europe earlier. So now we have worked on a different list for you.

However, if you are on the verge of saving then be careful with our list. As here we are sharing the most expensive cities in the world.


Singapore is the second safest country in the world in the year 2020. Also, Asia seemingly has a lot of troubled countries. However, Singapore is in the same continent. yet, a very reliable and safe country for people.

However, with safety, we also see that Singapore is an expensive country for travelers as well as dwellers alike. In terms of travel, we see that the cost of things be it clothes, food or even water is high. The transportation costs are also high. Therefore, it remains the undisputed king of expensive places in the world.


France sees the highest footfall of tourists and travelers. Therefore, it is not a surprise that due to the high demand for travel we see this place being immensely expensive. We already know that Europe generally is an expensive holidaying option. Of all the countries France tops the list due to its high madness amongst tourists.

There are so many sights in the City of Lights – Paris that many people flock to see this city. Although, there are many more amazing French landmarks, sights, or experiences that one can mark on their list. Yet, the accommodations, food ( if not selected pocket wise), and some great wine can be an expensive plan altogether.

Although with the boom of couch surfing, and AirBnB and accommodation is not a big issue. Still, this city is not for a small wallet. One may have to easily use $180 per day for an average day here. However, one can opt for free attractions such as enjoying the Eiffel Tower from the park and eating home-cooked food there, instead of going to the restaurant up inside the tower.

Hong Kong

The other Asian country that is an expensive place for vacations selected by numerous people – Hong Kong. The first and most prominent reason is the limited supply of space and high demand for staying. This increases the hotel prices. Furthermore, the energy prices are also on the higher trend here.

However, there is a lot that can be done free in this country. For instance, the beautiful sights and hikes come without any charges.  But as the property is expensive, therefore the rental amount is also extracted from the final prices of goods and services. Therefore, we recommend our users to buy from thrift stores and flea markets where you can bargain to your heart’s content.

Your one day in Hong Kong will need you to spend around $ 140 for a great happening and eventful time.


Zurich is big for leisure as well as business travelers. This city is in a country that boasts of great financial services and banks. So the people here have great purchasing power. The fashion, luxury, and scenery all are for the people of taste. This part of Europe is expensive and a major tourist attraction. If you have a business meeting or a leisure plan on paper, do get your money pockets well filled.


Another Asian gem is on our list. Japan has been a remote country due to its geography. However, it became self-sufficient on its own terms and abilities. The quality of life and technology is mind-boggling. The life, entertainment, and shopping all in the capital city are wow.  However, the accommodation, transportation, and other basic services of life are high priced. The standard of living and services are great and thus all of them are well translated for a traveler in their bank statements.

New York

New York is the center of business for most of the world. Therefore, business travel has already been very high in this city. All of this means that it becomes an expensive city. Moreover, Americans from all of the United States almost aspire to be in New York. Their dream makes this place more enviable and thus makes it an expensive city to live in or travel to as well.


The Scandinavian countries are generally expensive, Norway being one of them. Here all people as per government policy make a living wage. The person working at the store is earning a good amount as a person in the bank. This means that almost everything will be expensive. The beer monopoly is handled by the government which means it is expensive. Also, food and drinks come with a 25% VAT.

The high gas prices also add to the total prices of products and services. Therefore, when thinking of exploring the beautiful Scandinavian Region do make sure that you have enough dough lying for an expensive trip.  

So before you get your diaries sorted, make sure to check the per day budgets and other financials for these cities. However, we will do a separate story on how to stay in these cities with a limited budget! Stay tuned for our nuggets of wisdom.

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