Where to travel for makeup shopping?

Travel for shopping

The global beauty industry is worth $500 billion. Interestingly, the women of the US are average cosmetic spenders of $3,000 annually. Therefore, many people while traveling make sure that they stop and buy some beauty or makeup products.

Best friends or spouses even children end up buying gifts while traveling. Therefore, for those avid travelers who are big on global trotting, we have a few recommended places which they can explore while traveling. The fact that demand is shifting from chemical to organic-based products is also evident.

So we have compiled a few recommended places for our travel lovers for their next plan.


French makeup, skincare, and perfumes are second to none. The French pharmacies, the secretly concocted creams, and lipsticks all have a history connected with Paris. When you travel to Paris, then buying beauty and makeup items is a done thing.

The beauty items are endless and the high-end brands can lure anyone to empty their wallets.  From the House of Sephora which was founded there to – Chanel, Clarins, or L’Oreal there is everything. If you are a makeup lover then this place is your shrine for life.


London is one of the finest cosmopolitan cities that is also old and has been the center of royalty. London is a great stop for buying all makeup stash. One has a plethora of options right from Charlotte Tilbury to new organic and cruelty-free range of The Body Shop.  The variety of makeup and beauty care brands is endless, the pocket-friendly Boots or the extravagant Harrod’s store housing everything for you.

Britain may seem very stiff to you but the fact is that they love and appreciate beauty. So when you book a ticket to London then do stop and explore the best variety of makeup for all budgets.

New York

This city is a real American dream. People when they come here they get the right dose of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Be it the happening SoHo with Sephora and Cap Beauty or the eclectic Brooklyn. This city has great names to its credit. Estee Lauder, Clinique, or Ulta Beauty stores there is something for everyone.


This city of Gold is a dream of a shopaholic. You just have to wait for a day and the newly launched product will find its way in this city. The glittering and shining city of dreams is home to more than a hundred different nationalities. The expatriates who live high style lives get everything here. So in case, you are traveling to Dubai or in an Asia country, then buying makeup from here especially in the Dubai Shopping Festival time is a great idea.


Shopping and traveling in the US is easy, as many cities offer a lot of things. In the realm of beauty and glamour Miami is also a heavyweight city. If you are on the East Coast then make sure that your drive to Miami does not go to waste. Other than the lavish nightlife of Miami there is plenty of shopping to do. Right from great food, wineries, adventures at the beach to finally some great makeup haul.


Another French city that has kept great makeup secrets within its sophisticated layer of beauty culture and excellent wine. I f you are visiting France, then you already have a longing for beauty and great culture. Make sure to keep empty space in your luggage for this city. You can explore contemporary new stores that stock many products. Also, try to look for their own organic products that have now become globally a major hit.

San Francisco

The US is a big market so having more cities from the country is happening. San Francisco has seen the rise and birth of Tatcha, Benefit makeup brands in this city. Therefore, when such massive brands get birth here, one can imagine the kind of makeup love the city has.


Just like the stock markets that are followed, the Tokyo makeup scene is pretty top-notch. The mad love for organic products will not let you leave the stores. Though, almost all international makeup chains are open in Tokyo. Yet, the uniqueness of their own products is truly high.

The sheet maks, plenty of Korean makeup, and majestic beauty boutique experience will blow your mind and make you want to stay longer in the stores. Bonus points as there is tax-free shopping for tourists upon showing their passports.


Korean pop, Korean dramas and now Korean makeup – all have been riding high. If you are traveling to the Far East then a small stop in Korea is a great idea. Seoul is the next big thing for cosmetics. The porcelain skin makeup or their magical mask sheets or the hair products all are a rage in the world. If you buy those for your loved ones then you will be surely loved.

So next time, when you travel with some flight layovers then do see, if its in one of the cities above. If yes, dash to the city and try to buy some great gifts.

p.s. we hope you got a visa stamped for them too!

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