What is a virtual vacation?

Virtual Tourism

Travel is proper science. People think of traveling and begin planning months in advance. It is a difficult thing to plan one’s whole trip, hotels, cash, and language barriers in one trip. Moreover, the year 2020 has been a complete bane. First, the pandemic and then the lack of economic boom all has made travel a more rare reality than before.

But, this can be mitigated with virtual vacation. No need to sulk by looking at other’s Instagram and twitter feed. You can equally enjoy the fun right from your office seat, or as most of you are working from home. You can enjoy the streets of Paris and hikes of Machu Pichu from your home.

One can now use technology and only the internet broadband to see the world.

So here are the places where you can go

  • Beaches
  • Museums
  • National Parks
  • Guided City Tours
  • Shows

Virtual vacation is a relatively new concept, where you might not be able to touch or smell. However, the sense of sight and sounds can be somewhat satiated with virtual tours.

There are many countries that have virtual tours offered for the tourists free of cost.


People can change the lighting of their living rooms, put a hammock around and the sounds of sea waves are easily played on phones. Now you have a variety of beach locations to visit. All you need to own is a virtual reality gear and amazing screen system to enjoy the scenic beach view and splash of waves for the whole day. Youtube is full of virtual reality tours to make anyone love their day off at home with the views of the beach.

The state of Florida has a range of virtual vacations that you can enjoy.  Find their official visit Florida site and set your mood to enjoy the best beach views.

Myrtle Beach

South Carolina Beaches are also giving a complete webcam offer to you, like many other beaches in the world. So go ahead and give the pleasure to your eyes by looking at waves smashing against the sand.


As most closed public places were the first to close down and relatively last ones to open up. Museums were deserted. So the one thing that they did for people to continue exploring was made virtual tours possible. So if you are a history buff you can go from the Taj Mahal to Louvre Museum anywhere in the world and enjoy the best close up view possible.

Google Earth has 3D virtual tours fo 30 iconic world heritage sites. So you just enjoy your days while checking into Giza Pyramids while sipping a cold beer on your couch.

National Parks

Google is rescuing us all again. Around 31 national parks are up for 3D virtual tours. So you continue to enjoy the natural scenery till the pandemic is over and make a long list of places to visit for next year.

Guided city tours

Passports have proven to be the most useless items, for the year 2020. However, the internet is not. Use the power of technology and be a globe trotter. Take city tours on various websites of promoting virtual tourism. See the leaning tower of Pisa, Great Wall of China, Cherry Blossoms of Japan, or the beautiful Hawaii right from the comfort or boredom of your home. Make life exciting as much as you can. Set the ambiance and enjoy the virtual trip till the time you can actually visit it.

Shows and Opera performance

Music is a way to celebrate life. There have been countless music marathons to raise funds in this testing time. However, many shows, Broadway performances, small artists’ community performances have been uploaded on various digital platforms for people to enjoy. The surround sound system at homes and good TV screens are the best way to feel as real as possible.

The point is that if you desire to visit new places and learn new things. At present, you have to do it in a different way. You will hear the sounds, smell the air and see the local people soon but till then enjoy the sights and famous places of the places you wished to see in the year 2020.

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