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This year if you are thinking of keeping the holiday season simple and not drive to loved ones – For obvious reasons. We have a super idea. How about you take a road trip to explore the beauty of America? More than that choose a place where you can enjoy your memories of watching your favorite shows. We know loads of tourists who actually pay a visit to Monica’s building in New York. Therefore, we compiled some great American Show lovers trip list for this holiday season.

Full House – San Francisco

The famous show of the ’80s was a hit. Many reruns and generations loving the show later a prequel was made too. However, the power of nostalgia is quite strong. So we got in hunt of the iconic picnic spot of the super cool family. It is a beautiful park in Alamo Square. This neighborhood park is a perfect spot to recreate the Full House picnic scene with your loved ones.

Picnic park of Tanners

Also, the Tanners House, which was shown with all family, is also situated in San Francisco. Basically, you can make your trip amazing by taking pictures at Full House spots and recreate all their iconic song scenes.

Friends – New York

A show that expanded over a decade has to be of great worth for all. Friends have had plenty of fans and followers. The attempt to paint many houses purple was a normal thing back in the day. However, all those who come to New York make sure to check out the iconic building where six people made life fun. The building of Joey and Monica is iconic and a tourist spot.

Monica and Joey’s Building

People love taking selfies outside this building. So this Christmas, if you are planning a trip to some New York City, do check out the place that gave you the iconic New Yorkers who rocked.

Scandal – Los Angeles

We all have had a healthy dose of political drama in our lives. The iconic building shot shown as Olivia Pope’s office was a definite scene in almost all episodes. Well, if you loved how the show rolled and the fictional lives of the people who are ever so secretive and difficult to understand, then visit this iconic building.

Olivia Pope’s Office

The building with those familiar arching windows is the top floors of the Palace Theatre, located at 630 S. Broadway in Los Angeles. You just have to visit the old theatre district of downtown L.A. The office where all the action and thoughts happened are on the top floors of this building. However, the top floors are cordoned off for the general public. So you can enjoy the exterior of the building.

Sex and the city – New York

Well, this is the sign of the universe to make you visit New York. Remember the iconic stairs where Carry will sulk, wait for Mr. Big, or just think about life. We got the spot for you. If you loved the fashionista who doled out advice for everyone and loved her apartment. Then head over to Perry Street in  Manhattan’s West Village.

Sex and the city shoot site

Take a picture in your most elaborate outfit with your best friends or partner and show the world that you visited this shrine of fashion.

The Vampire Diaries – Covington

If you are in Georgia or planning a visit there. Then add Covington to your list. The almost decade-long show favorite of teenagers had an important location that you can visit. So if you want to relive your school years of discussing the show or obsessing over the characters of the show doing their thing in The Mystic Grill, then visit it.

The Southern charm of the city is warm and very friendly. So head over to this restaurant and take your pictures. Even better photoshop them with your favorite character’s face and make your kind of memes. Our job was just to find you one more reason to explore the beauty of the US and take a trip down memory lane.

Lost – Oahu

The beautiful beach and the whole mystery of what will happen next to the survivors are etched in our memories. If you are planning your New Year in Hawaii then this is a definite stop for you. The fictional crash site was at the Police Beach Oahu.

Lost shoot in Hawaii

Previously, the beach had signs indicating areas where the show was shot. However, now it is said that the signs have been removed. So get going and as much as you enjoy your TV, now is the time to plan your own road trip and view the locations of your favorite shows.

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