Vietnam- For honeymooners

Beach lovers

A new married couple wants a serene environment, lots of variety in experiencing life, and many great memories without breaking a bank. Vietnam is one such place that offers all.

The serene beaches, scenic and romantic locations, and extremely hospitable people all make a perfect recipe for a memorable honeymoon. The country has been through a lot and suffered much but with time they rose again. They have capitalized on their beautiful scenery of north and south. Also, they have a great population of youth that keeps the b=vibe of the city happening and relevant.

Why Vietnam when there are many European spots?

Vietnam is perfect for new couples who are big on saving bucks for a bigger dream. A few reasons why we believe Vietnam is a perfect spot for honeymoon are:

  • Pocket friendly – You will save quite a bit and be happier.
  • Quality services – Since they are working on their tourism, even a three-star service or Airbnb gives a matchless service.
  • Friendly people – The people are helpful and empathetic on the streets while minding their own business. So go ahead and speak to them if there is any trouble.
  • Insane food options – Vietnamese food is amazing, perfect for all palates. Sweet, salty hot, or soothing everything is available.
  • Gorgeous scenery – The islands, pagodas all are worth capturing and remembering forever.
  • Less famous for honeymooners – It is a more favored spot by backpackers and college students, therefore you will have a very young and hippie vibe and not plenty of couples at every turn to make your trip more exclusive than other common spots for honeymoon.

Of the amazing gems in this beautiful Asian country, we have selected the top most amazing places that are pristine, less touched by mass tourism and most surreal for a new couple

Phu Quoc

This is the largest island in Vietnam. You may access this place via boat or plane. The lush green trees are the perfect backdrop against the turquoise waters.  Explore the water reefs or do the jungle hikes with your beloved and enjoy your secluded beach love with your spouse and making the best memories.

Hoi An Region

 This place is a mix of amazing Japanese designed bridges, French colonies, and the local temples that all paint a beautiful picture of cultures melting in one place.  The coastal town has Bang Beach and Cua Dai Beach that add the quintessential romantic touch to this town full of heritage and history.


Scenic Dalat

If beaches are not your favorite then this valley is surely the valley of eternal romance. This place is located in the south-central highlands of Vietnam. You can enjoy the waterfall, take a ride in the paddle boats along the Xuan Huong Lake or just sit near the waterfall with your partner and absorb the undefinable beauty of nature


Heaven on Earth – Sa Pa

This beautiful green patch of heaven on Earth is a hot favorite with most Vietnam visitors. Families, backpackers, or honeymooners love this greenery laden rice field. The terraced rice fields, make an amazing sight for nature lovers. The Mount Fansipan gets the love from hikers while the flowing streams and greenery all around makes a background for an amazing post-wedding love storybook for the couples to remember. It is getting its due love from travelers, and many honeymooners carefully add it to their itinerary.


If any of the spouse in the couple is a history buff or believe in enriching the travel with history then thisn place is a must see. Imperial Citadel of Thang Long and Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum are a must see places for travlers or honeymooners alike. This is the capital of Vietnam. So the hustle bustle,  street style shopping of amazing clothes and the street food all will be available.

This city is roughly 1000 years old, so you have a lot to discover. Many temples and pagodas are here that are great pieces of architecture and beauty.

Mui Ne

If you love the mysterious ways of nature then this is a must-see on your list. This is a desert by the sea. The white sand dunes against the blue beach make it a great romantic spot for love birds to lie on the sand and make their memories of love.

Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park

Discover the wildlife of Vietnam in this national park. Tread and hike through the beautiful caves, mountains, rivers, and lush green forests. The youth and adrenaline that you and your partner have will be useful in exploring the wild beauty of this national park.

The best time to visit Vietnam is in spring which is from February to April or a milder Autumn which is from August to Ocotber. Save money, discover Asia and learn the spirit of getting back to your zest for life from this country that survived wars.

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