US Travelers to Vacation in the Caribbean

Carribbean shores

Since the US travelers will not be visiting the European destinations this summer. It is only best that the choice comes down to the Caribbean. The crystal blue waters and the long sandy beaches are more than welcoming international visitors.

However, all visitors will have to be careful and cautious since the outbreak of COVID-19 has its impact. The tropical paradise and the easy distance from the US make the Caribbean one of the best choices. These reopening are a blessing for people suffering from the lockdown.

The Caribbean vs The Pandemic

According to the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA), as of June 15, the islands had 39,102 confirmed cases of the virus and 1,021 deaths. For the sake of knowledge, the Caribbean has a population of 44 million people. It is comprised of 33 islands, areas, or territories.

Frank Comito, the CEO,and director-general of the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association says, “Given our experience at surmounting Zika and devastating storms, we know how to rebound quickly, and it’s no different with Covid-19,” he says.

In addition, Comito adds that they know about the COVID-19 since January. They had also had a webinar to develop an awareness of the virus among the region’s hotels. Comito also indicated that 69% of the region’s 2,000 hotels will reopen by the end of July.

US Airlines to Land More Often in the Caribbean

One of the biggest carriers, American Airlines has resumed its operations between Miami and Antigua in early June. Other destinations that have been resumed in July Jamaica from Miami, Dallas/Fort Worth and Charlotte.

US Virgin Islands was among the first in the Caribbean to welcome leisure travelers again.

The phased reopening allows hotels, villas, and Airbnb rentals to have overnight guests, while bars and restaurants can serve diners at 50% capacity. Public beaches are also open, but social distancing is a must.

COVID-19 Free Vacation Spot

St. Barthelemy, a luxurious island escape that has been coronavirus-free since April. But coming to St. Barthelemy visitors will require to show proof of coronavirus negative test. However, is visitors plan to stay for more than a week, they are required to take a second test on the seventh day after they arrive.

Passengers on the Voyager ferry will be subject to a preboarding temperature check, must wear masks on board, and practice social distancing. The Voyager is the ferry that transports travelers arriving into St. Maarten to St. Barts.

“St. Barts, like usual, is on the dream list of where people want to travel to,” says Waldon. “Besides summer, we’re already getting bookings through December and into the next year.”

Other locations that have also been a hit for visitors are now open. Places such as Jamaica, Dominican Republic, and the Bahamas are also welcoming visitors.

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