US Travel Restrictions state wise

Travel with caution

The Thanksgiving holiday is over. However, many people did fly or travel by road for the weekend. The surge in Covid-19 cases is already a big nightmare for everyone.

Therefore, some states are swiftly changing their policies for travel and mask usage. We have compiled a list of all states and their present policies.


There are no statewide travel restrictions. But, wearing masks or facial coverings is still a must in the state.


This state has been more vigilant for the pandemic. Travelers from other state have to do the following

  • If the travel is due to work, follow the schedule filed by the employer.
  • Buy the Covid-19 test and self- quarnatine till the results are shared. This expense is not the state’s responsibility.
  • Arrive with a negative covid test result.
  • Submit a travel declaration along with self-isolation plan.


Arizona has no statewide restrictions.


There are no statewide restrictions in Arkansas.


The policymakers here discourage non-essential travel. Moreover, anyone arriving in California is asked to self-quarantine for fourteen days as a preventive step.


Colorado has no statewide restrictions so far.


There is no statewide restriction travel in Delaware.


Florida has given no statewide travel limitation so far.


Residents of Georgia have none of the statewide travel restrictions.


The state has a 14-day quarantine policy for people arriving. However, travelers who have a negative test result taken within 72 hours before the flight can be out in the cities after showing their results.


Idaho has no statewide travel restrictions so far.


Although Illinois has no statewide restrictions for travel. However, Chicago has a novel sifting method for the arriving people. States are labeled as red, orange, and yellow to denote the seriousness of the situation.

People coming from the red batch are to quarantine for 14 days. People from the orange batch are the states that have fewer cases than the red coded states. Orange states passengers have to produce a Covid-19 test result. This test result cannot be older than 72 hours.


There is no statewide travel limitation. But, wearing a mask is mandatory.


Social distancing measures have been defined for the people. For instance, maintaing six feet distance. Also, wearing a mask is mandatory for anyone who is more than two years of age.


This state has varying policies for travelers from different locations. The last quarantine requirement was set for passengers coming from Andorra. otherwise, statewide travel is no trouble.


This state implements a 14-day quarantine policy for passengers whose home state has a 15% or higher rate of Covid positive cases. Therefore, anybody traveling to Kentucky first should check their home state rate of Covid.


There is no statewide travel issue for Louisiana.


Presently Maine government is following the 14-day quarantine rule. However, one can also share negative Covid test results. but the test cannot be older than 72 hours. New Hampshire and Vermont residents are exempted from this rule.


There is no statewide travel restriction.


Travelers have to present a negative covid test carried out within the 72 hours before arrival. The ones waiting for the result have to quarantine till the results are out. Consequently, non-compliance of rules may bring a fine of $500.


There is no limitation on statewide travel. However, presently indoor social gatherings have been thwarted.


There is a stay at home order till December 18th. Anyone entering the state has to go for a 14 day quarantine period.


Mississippi has no statewide travel restrictions.


The state has no state travel restrictions.


Native American reservations might have travel restricitons. Otherwise, the state travel is open.


Nebraska has none of the state travel restrictions for travelers.


The capacity limit for events has been given. This is done to make events safer with smaller gatherings. However, statewide travel is open.

New Hampshire

Travelers from outside other New England states (Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island) have to self-quarantine for two weeks.

New Jersey

The state discourages non-essential travel. Also, travelers other than the below regions have to self-quarantine. The safe zone areas are as below

  • New York
  • Connecticut
  • Pennsylvania
  • Delaware

New Mexico

Out of state travelers are to self-quarantine for 14 days. Presently, only Hawaii travelers are exempted from the quarantine rule. Moreover, this exemption list is given each week.

New York

New York will have free travel with people pouring in from contiguous states. However, anybody coming from other states has to self-quarantine or take the test to show negative results. Moreover, covered travelers from neighboring states have to fill the Traveler Health Form.

North Carolina

There is no statewide travel restrictions here.

North Dakota

North Dakota is free for statewide travel.


Any person coming to Ohio from states that have 15% or more positive testing rates will have to follow self-quarantine.


Oklahoma has no statewide travel limitation at present.


Oregon has a fourteen day policy for residents and non residents upon entering the state.


If the traveler is above 11 years, then either they self quarantine or provide a negative covid result.

Rhode Island

This state recommends self-quarantine of a fortnight. One can also provide a negative result of a test taken in the past 72 hours.

Additionally, travelers from states with a rate of 5% or more positive cases are required to self-quarantine as an obligation.

South Carolina

There is no statewide travel restriction.

South Dakota

South Dakota is open for statewide travel. However, a few routes through Native American areas could be closed.


Tennesse is free for statwide travel, without limitataions.


There is no statewide restriction on travel in Texas.


Statewide mask wearing policy is constant here. However, there is no travel restriction.


Travelers to Vermont have to self-quarantine for a fortnight. In case, of reducing this period there is a way out. One has to take the PCR test on the seventh day of quarantine.


Government of Virgina has no statewide travel restriction.

Washington DC

Visitors are asked to test 72 hours or less before entering DC. Also, travelers must adhere to protocols of travel such as reasons for emergency and work.

Washington State

The governor has recommended a fourteen-day quarantine policy for inter-state and international travelers.

West Virginia

This state has no statewide travel restrictions.


Travel and leisure activities have been stopped to minimize Covid cases. However, statewide travel is open.


Wyoming state travel is open.

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