United Requires Negative COVID-19 Test

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United Airlines will now need the US-bound passengers from the UK to show proof of a negative coronavirus test result. However, this is because a more virulent strain of the virus continues to tear across southern England.

However, the airline on 24 December said that from 28 December, all travelers coming from London’s Heathrow airport will have to show a negative test result that is no older than 72h. Moreover, the airline is also offering same-day testing at the airport.

Taking Required Measures

Whereas, the airline is taking these measures. Because United’s peers Delta Air Lines, British Airways, and Virgin Atlantic Airways are also offering widespread testing for US-bound passengers. From the UK upon the request of New York state governor Andrew Cuomo. Those three airlines operate numerous daily non-stop services between the UK and New York City’s John F Kennedy International airport. 

However, United offers non-stop connections between London and its hubs. Those are Chicago, Newark, Washington Dulles, and San Francisco.

Just last week, the Chicago-based carrier introduced contact tracing for all of its flights. As the pandemic is still spreading. And the customers who are wary about spending time in close proximity to strangers on an aircraft.

However, the airline introduced this voluntary program for all international arrivals last week. Moreover, it says that it will be phasing in for domestic and international outbound departures as well. The airline will gather all the contact details of the customers. That includes an email address, phone numbers. And a physical address of where the customer will be once they reach their destination.

In November, United started a free coronavirus testing program for passengers on some flights between the United States and London.

The New Mutation

Indications show that the new mutation of the coronavirus currently spreading in the UK can be transmitted up to 70% more quickly. Medical experts say, however, that it is not more lethal than the known variant. And that the vaccines, currently being rolled out globally, are likely to be equally effective against the new strain.

Numerous countries in Europe, Asia, and Latin America have re-imposed travel restrictions for passengers coming from the United Kingdom in the wake of the new virus mutation.

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