United Airlines Resumes Flights to China

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United Airlines announced that it would resume operations to China on July 8. However, it suspended flights to China in February due to coronavirus outbreak.

Flights Two Days a Week

The airline said it will operate twice-weekly flights between San Francisco and Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport via Seoul’s Incheon International Airport. The aircraft serving for this route will be Boeing 777-300ER.

The flights will operate from San Francisco to Shanghai and will be taking off on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Whereas, flights returning will arrive in California from Shanghai on Thursdays and Sundays.

“United’s service to mainland China has been a point of pride for our employees and customers for more than 30 years,” United vice president Patrick Quayle said. “Resuming service to Shanghai from the United States is a significant step in rebuilding our international network.”

United Resuming Other Flights

From July onwards the airline will restart its flights between Chicago and Tokyo. It will also start a new additional service to Haneda Airport. However, the airlines also plan to resume its operations to Seoul, Hong Kong and Singapore.

However, for the safety of passengers and the staff the airline is ensuring proper health and safety measures. It is focusing on health and safety.

CleanPlus program

Some of the protocol it is following includes wearing a face mask is mandatory during the flight. It is using electrostatic spraying, it is giving health questionnaires, a touches check-in experience and more.

Delta Air Lines Flights to China

However, Delta Air Lines was the first US airline to re-connect flights between America and China since the viral pandemic.

“We are excited to resume our services between the U.S. and China, as economic and social activities start to recover,” Wong Hong, Delta’s President of Greater China and Singapore, said in a press release.

“With a mission to connect the world, Delta is committed to getting our customers to their destinations safely and confidently, especially at this critical time. We are implementing unprecedented health and safety measures and practices, so customers are assured of ease and safety at all points of their journey.”

However, Delta resumed its flights between Seattle and Shanghai-Pudong via Seoul-Incheon on June 25. The airline operates its flight twice a week onboard an Airbus A350 aircraft.

In July, Delta will resume its flights from Seattle and Detroit via Incheon once in a week. However, the airline has opened the bookings for these flights.

Flights to China at Halt

In February, the U.S. State Department issued a “Do Not Travel” advisory. In which all aviation operations from the US to China were at a halt. However, Delta, United, and American Airlines had to temporarily suspend their flights to China.

Though the airlines tried to resume their flights they were not able to operate effectively as there was a loophole in China’s post-COVID reopening procedure. This made the US Department of Transportation ban flights from Chinese airlines. However, china altered its procedures in order to allow US airlines to resume flying to China.

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