United Airlines Launches Touchless Check-in Technology At Heathrow

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United Airlines is introducing a new technology that is touted to be “the first touchless check-in experience of any airline at London Heathrow Airport”.

However, Airlines are finding every possible way to reduce touchpoints in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic United says that the technology allows customers “to check-in without touching the check-in kiosk, even if they are checking luggage”.

Through this touchless technology passengers can check-in online. The touchless check-in journey begins on the United app, where customers can check-in for their flight, add bags, and pay any applicable fees.

At the airport, they can scan their boarding passes from their mobile device or printed copy at the airport kiosks without touching it. Moreover, their luggage tags will automatically print out with the reference to their booking.

However, passengers can scan their boarding passes at Heathrow gate readers themselves. Moreover, the airline will provide an individually wrapped hand sanitizer wipe as the passengers board the aircraft.

Safety Measures

In addition, the airline is taking all safety measures to keep the passengers and the crew safe. They are introducing electrostatic spraying of all aircraft before the departure from London Heathrow.

The airline said that “Electrostatic sprayers enable efficient coverage of all surfaces of an aircraft. Including overhead bins, seats, tray tables, screens, window shades, and air vents, for enhanced cabin sanitation”.

Collaboration with Cleveland Clinic

The airline in partnership with surface disinfection brand Clorox. And academic medical center Cleveland Clinic is cleaning its airplanes thoroughly before the departure of every flight. Moreover, they are establishing the United Clean Plus program, incorporating cleaning, safety, and social distancing protocols.

The introduction of this technology is just one element of the United CleanPlus initiative. To put health and safety at the forefront of the entire customer experience.

By establishing collaborations, including the Cleveland Clinic. All the passengers will feel safe and confident to travel with the airline. As they know that the airline’s cleaning protocols Protocols coming from trusted experts.

Commenting on the news Arvind Garcha, United’s director of operations UK, said,

“Safety is of the utmost importance at United. And we are proud to be the first airline to introduce touchless check-in technology at London Heathrow Airport.”

“We continue to deliver industry-leading cleanliness to ensure our customers. And employees feel safe on our aircraft and remain dedicated to delivering the United Clean Plus commitment.”

However, United is currently operating daily flights. Their schedule includes Heathrow to Newark, Chicago. and Washington. They will add a San Francisco service set from August 5.

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