United Airlines adds 25,000 Flights

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During the summertime demand for air travel increased leading the airlines to add more flights to their summer schedules.

Due to the pandemic traveling was at a halt. But things are changing as the countries are lifting lockdowns. People have started traveling again and this has given hope to airlines that their future is not doomed.

United Airlines is taking a bold step by adding a significant number of flights to its schedule since the pandemic began in the US.

The airline in an announcement said on Wednesday that it is adding almost 25,000 flights back to its schedule for August. As the demand for summer travel is increasing.

However, it is adding more flights to its domestic routes. It is adding more than 600 daily flights within the US. Additionally, it is restarting services to 50 routes that were suspended due to the pandemic.

The airline will double its flights out to Newark, New Jersey, hub next month. It plans to operate 48 percent of its 2019 domestic schedule.

Catering Demand for All Type of Customers

However, the airline says it is catering to the demand of those customers who want to visit family and friends. And feel comfortable flying with the airline.

The airline will also be “adding in flights to places we know customers want to travel to, like outdoor recreation destinations where social distancing is easier,” Ankit Gupta, United Airlines’ vice president of domestic network planning, said in a release on Wednesday.

Keeping in mind the demand for mountainous areas and national park areas the airline will be adding flight for such areas. However, this will include destinations like Aspen; Bangor, Maine; Bozeman, Montana; Jackson Hole, Wyoming; and additional flights to Hawaii.

In August most of the flights the airline will be operating will be domestic. The airline will bring Back quarter of its international flights in August. However, this is a significant increase of 16 percent from in its planes operating in July. The main focus of these flights will be served for vacation purposes.

“For August, we’ve seen increasing demand for leisure travel and have added options to places like Cancun and reinstated service to Tahiti,” Patrick Quayle, United’s vice president of international network and alliances said in a release.

Operating Flights To Europe

The European Union has banned all U.S. travelers from visiting the European countries member of the EU. The decision came in response to increasing COVID-19 cases around America. But, still United is resuming several of its important routes to Europe. Flights from Chicago to Frankfurt and Brussels will restart next month. It is also resuming flights from Newark to Brussels, Munich, and Zurich. Moreover, it is resuming operations from San Francisco to London.

Resuming Flights to Asia

However, the airline also plans to resume its flights from San Francisco to Shanghai on July 8. Therefore, making its first flight back to China since the pandemic outbreak.

Moreover, United plans to resume flights to Seoul, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore, too in August.

July Fourth Holiday Weekend

The airline is adding more domestic flights in order to meet the demand for the July Fourth holiday weekend as the US travelers are preparing to travel over the holiday. The airlines are expecting it to be one of the busiest travel weekends since the virus spread in the United States.

According to analysts at Cowen investment bank, more than 600,000 passengers will fly each day during the holiday weekend and into the week of July 7. This is going to be the highest number of passengers flying since March when the country was hit by the pandemic.

Safety Protocols

United has also added new health and safety measures. The airline is banning passengers who do not wear masks for future flights. Moreover, it is using electrostatic sprayers to disinfect all mainline aircraft before each flight.

However, the airline is partnering with medical experts from Cleveland Clinic to implement a pre-flight health questionnaire. Moreover, the airline is not charging any fee for flight changes or cancellations for airfares booked through July 31.

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