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The United Kingdom is an old traditional country that enjoys a strong position due to its history and power. The UK is one of the few countries which is ruled by a Royal family yet has a modern approach towards social issues.

So if this fall you want to head to the UK or plan for the summer break then we have the right festivals for you. Go get reading about them and try to find the one that matches your vibe. The country may be old, but the festivals are young and happening. With no particular order of months or alphabetic range, we are sharing the festivals.

Glastonbury Festival

This one is a very famous festival in the UK organized in the last week of June at Pilton. It is all about arts and music. Performing artists draw a huge amount of locals as well as foreigners to this event.  The pyramid-shaped stage sets a perfect backdrop for the electrifying performances by huge international stars.

Staged across 9 stages in an area of 900 acres this music gala continues for five days. Also, the tickets sale for this one finishes in a matter of minutes due to the eagerness of the people.

Jorvik Viking Festival

Vikings existence seems like a story now, but the fact is that they existed. As they became apart of a normal civilized society we stopped using the term of Vikings. However, their descendants live in many parts of Europe. Also, not to forget they have a huge fandom.

So in the month of February, the Viking descendants, locals, and tourists all gather in York to celebrate the heritage. In the festival, you see reenactments, staged fights, guided walks, music, and discussions of how the Vikings won the areas.

As the city of York has a rich heritage of Vikings so there is plenty of sightseeing around the city as well.

Sidmouth Folk Festival

This weeklong festival is also all about music, dance, and songs. Sidmouth Festival is normally scheduled in the last week of July and extended in the first week of August. Initially, this festival began in the year 1955 to promote folk dance. However, half a century later it has become a stage center for folk crafts, music, and performances of all kinds that can keep crowds entertained.

Guy Fawkes Day

This event is celebrated every 5th of November. Guy Fawkes dates back to the year 1605. The centuries of celebration signify the safety of the House of Lords and the then Royal Family.

The night is lit with bonfire all over the place. Although, the initial years of this festival signified the safety of monarchy and the rule of Protestants. However, now in this day it is a mere summation of people’s festivity and enjoying a holiday.

Edinburgh Festival

This festival began in 1947 and was then known as the Edinburgh International Festival. Over the years, it has grown as the world’s largest arts festival. that is planned in August.

The festival showcases the work of the most renowned artists to the self proclaimed people who are not even artists or struggling to be one. All of them are welcome to present their art.

More than 3000 shows in more than 300 venues were planned last year with thousands of art performances thrown for the entertainment of people. However, the most interesting part is that this festival has free entry. Also, there are plenty of shows that are free of cost. So you pay for the ones that have priced tickets while there are many entertaining ones that are free of cost.

So if you are planning to visit Scotland, make sure that you can experience this festival.

Notting Hill Carnival

Noting Hill in the late ’50s had a bad patch of racial discrimination. In order to erase and make amends, this carnival was started. From then onwards, each year in August this amazing colorful festival is celebrated. One gets the feel of being in Rio De Janeiro.

For this festival, London gets a healthy dose of music with giant speakers and African drums playing the most foot-tapping beats. The colorful parade has people wearing the most eye-catching clothes with killer moves that transport you to another part of the world. The huge floats, dancers, and bands all add a great vibe to this event.

Diwali in Leicester Square

Diwali is a big a Hindu festival.Expats living in UK celebrate it lavishly.

The whole area is illuminated with lights. For two weeks the whole area has strong Hindi music playing with merrymaking the crowd gathered for the fun. There are great fireworks, delicious food, and non-stop dancing.

Not only Hindus but people of all faiths gather here to enjoy the lights, food and fun of this festival.

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