U.S. bans travel from Europe: Coronavirus

Donald Trump declared a partial suspension of travel in an unprecedented, televised Oval office speech, restricting any travel from the EU to the United States.

According to a Reuters story quoting unnamed government sources, the White House has directed health officials to handle top-level coronavirus meetings as being confidential.

The unprecedented measure has limited information from those seeking security clearance about the scope of outbreaks, quarantines and travel restrictions.

Many of the travelers who decided to fly to Europe that evening had no assurance that they would be able to return to the USA after their trips, prompting others to make last-minute calls on dream vacations.

Turkey is not one of the countries included in the travel ban but the decisions taken at San Francisco’s airport were influenced by a combination of confusion, hysteria, and warning.

During his televised speech, the president clearly misstated a number of things. He claimed imports and freight will be banned from Europe (it won’t be), he said it will be all of Europe (it isn’t) and he said all travel — however it seems like American people and other members of the family would be excepted.

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