Tui to Resume Operations in July

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Travel operator has “absolute confidence” that the government will lift the quarantine and other travel restrictions within three weeks. Therefore, from July onwards Tui will resume its short-haul trips. 

The company’s plan depends on the government’s decision of lifting the 14-day quarantine restrictions for its destinations. Such as Spain and Greece and ending the advice against all non-essential travel. 

Tui Confident About Lifting of Travel Restrictions 

Commercial director Richard Sofer said, “Due to the size of our organization we’ve been able to have a presence in each of these Government conversations through our aviation team or through the senior members of the UK business.” 

He also said, “ We’re well-informed of where those discussions are.” 

In addition, he said, “Obviously many of these conversations are confidential but that gives us great confidence to open up a small program to a couple of really key countries, eight key gateways for us.” 

“We have absolute confidence that we’re going to be getting a positive result form the government in time for July.” 

The airline has already opened its flights to Germany for holiday purposes. However, its flights to Portugal’s Algarve region will start again this week. 

Mr. Sofer also mentioned that the travel advice from the Foreign Office did not help much as compared to European governments. 

In addition, he said, “Our European colleagues have benefited where they have clear lines in the sand and dates to be working to.” 

“The UK position is effectively just under review, so it’s uncertain.” 

Social Distancing Measures at Resorts

The company will be implementing social distancing measures and it will be followed in all the resorts of the company. However, the holidays would mostly remain the same as before the pandemic. 

However, it is still not confirmed when Tui would resume its long-haul flights. 

Mr. Sofer comments came on the day after Spain announced that UK visitors could come to the country form Sunday. However, tourists will have to quarantine for 14 days when they go back to the UK. 

However, a Foreign Officer spokesperson said in response to Mr. Sofer’s comment, “We are monitoring the global travel situation closely and keeping our advice against all non-essential travel under continuous review.” 

More Routes more Bookings 

Tui Airlines is resuming its operations in most of the countries of Europe. However, it will resume its suspended flights from Britain later in summer. 

The Hanover-based group, which also runs hotels and cruise lines, said it is also resuming flights from Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and the Netherlands. The pandemic crisis caused the airline to ground its operations in these countries. 

From next month the airline plans to add more flights to other destinations in Southern and Eastern Europe. It plans to operate with more flights once it has about half of its hotels reopened. 

However, the company is experiencing an increase in the number of bookings for vacations. It is getting more bookings in German and Belgian markets. 

However, to survive in the pandemic, Tui has received a £ 1.6 billion bridging loan from the German government. The company announced to cut 8,000 jobs to further cut costs. However, the company has not seen a crisis like this ever before.

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