Tui Relaunches Holidays

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British tourists have started planning holidays and booking trips. Similarly, flights and holidays are restarting for the UK’s biggest tour operator.Andrew Flintham, managing director of TUI UK and Northern Ireland, said there will be some changes, and holidaymakers should be prepared for it as travel gradually begins again. But the travelers will be satisfied with the changes and will enjoy their trip.

Flights to Spanish Destinations

From this weekend the company will restart its operations. It will start operating flights and holidays to the Spanish destinations of Ibiza, Lanzarote, Palma, and Tenerife. However, the company will be operating with a limited number of flights.As the British government has eased its quarantine rules which means that people coming back from other countries or visiting the UK will not have to quarantine for two weeks. However, the relaxing rules for some European countries.From Monday, the Balearic Government is making it mandatory to wear face masks all times except when at beaches. Also when at swimming pools and while doing sports activities.However, travelers going to Ibiza will have to fill a health check form before arriving. Moreover, there will be a temperature checking of all passengers at the airport.Mr. Flintham said that visitors will have to follow the local rules but will still “be able to enjoy the major amenities and the things that you really, really want”.He said, “The 90% or the 85% of the normality of your holiday is going to be there.”

Changes at TUI

Due to COVID-19 TUI had to make some changes. However, in TUI’s flights, the cabin crew will be wearing masks and gloves at all times.Currently, there will be a deep cleaning of all planes. The airline has suspended its hot food or duty-free services. However, the passengers can access the absent flight features through the QR codes.Passengers will be checking in online. The airline will restrict passengers from moving in the ground during flights. Moreover, they can only bring one small carry-on luggage which can fit under the front seat.TUI plans to fill as many seats as possible on its flights. It believes that deep cleaning, staggered boarding, air filters, and face masks make them safe.Richard Sofer, commercial business development director, said TUI followed European Union Aviation Safety Agency recommendations and that travelers “understand there’s a little bit of risk”.He also said that there was no evidence that “leaving a seat in the middle is giving you any protection”.“The recommendation is if you can’t social distance, you’re wearing masks.”He added, “You are at no more risk than if you’re on a public bus.”

Adding More Operations

However, TUI will operate flights from London’s Gatwick, Manchester and Birmingham airports between July 11 and 24. It will carry up to 12,500 customers on holiday on up to 60 flights.Other airports will be operating flights include Bristol, Glasgow, Newcastle, and London’s Stansted will begin running flights to Turkey, Greece, and more Spanish destinations in the coming weeks.


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