Trips through Tunnels

Roadtrips and tunnel travel

If you ask kids how they feel in a tunnel most of them say fascinated and frightened. If you ask the big kids, people like us who are the big kids we also marvel at the architecture. Traveling teaches us about science and human nature. Tunnels are one such creation of people that makes travel extra convenient. Moreover, at times tunnels are a way out to preserve nature by carving mountains and making tunnels.

I spoke to a couple of friends and collected a list of their favorite tunnel experiences while exploring the world. Just in case you are a tunnel fanatic, this list will help you out in it.


The communist rule in this city has been a part of the news in the last century. However, what few people know is how the ruler got to make his safe abodes made that will keep him safe in case of some emergency. The 40-year rule in this country by Enver Hoxha got his men to make a supremely sophisticated tunnel. The underground tunnel in Gijrokastra is now a UNESCO heritage site.

In the tunnel, there is ample space for sleeping, with corridors taking one to nuclear shelters as well. Also, there was enough arsenal kept underground to ward off fears of enemy intrusion.

In order to keep the drill of fights under the tunnel going, locals and military people were made to stage conflicts near such places. Furthermore, they used to provide death and injured statistics for such never occurring episodes. This place offers a lot of fun history with its tunnel.

Tunnel from California – Tijuana

San Diego is one fun place in California. The more exciting part is that there is a secret tunnel between San Diego and Tijuana. However, it is not open to the public. But, what we know via newspapers and websites is that this tunnel has all modern amenities to facilitate travel via the tunnel. High voltage electrical cables, ventilation system, lift, and drainage.

All of these amenities indicate that great planning and execution were involved in making these tunnels. Although, this tunnel was meant for shady businesses and not for any travel or government-led ventures.

Since now we have talked of some novel tunnels lets talk about those that are open for all and can be experienced easily.

Spiraleen Tunnel

Norway is a beautiful country with great mountains and plenty of greenery. However, nature is not all that people want. The jump and push to the industry and infrastructure for their people is also important. So amidst the beautiful mountains, a very warm and homely looking A-frame roof is erected upon the tunnel. It was built to make travel towards Drammen easier.

Tokyo Bay  Aqua-Line

Japan is synonymous with technology and novelty in most fields. Therefore, better architecture is not new to them.  The best part is that this tunnel not only connects two cities of the country. But also it is made on a manmade island.

This project was designed so that visitors can enjoy the stay at the bridge. This island has a mall, some resting area, and a scenic bay viewpoint from the deck to enjoy the Tokyo Bay.

Gotthard Base Tunnel

Switzerland is known for its beauty and mountains. Therefore, it is not a surprise that the tunnels here are breathtakingly beautiful. However, this one is just not the longest Alpine tunnel but also took sixteen years to be constructed.

The 57-kilometer tunnel connects the Swiss North with the Southern Switzerland area. It holds the title of being the world’s largest tunnel too.

So next time, when you check your travel plans, do make sure that if there is a tunnel in your travel plan, you might as well enjoy it more by checking up on its fun facts and history.

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