Experience of Traveling during coronavirus lockdowns

Traveling during Coronavirus Pandemic

The pandemic has hit many routines in our lives. Be it business, leisure or travel people today are much averse to traveling than ever before. The fear of contacting the corona virus has hurt many industries ruthlessly. Lockdown and restrictions have majorly impacted growth all over the world.

Consequently, the thought of onboarding a flight is far and gone because of the whole COVID-19 situation. Many companies have called off their conferences, global events have been rescheduled. Travelers are cancelling or postponing their trips to keep them from getting affected. Meanwhile, elderly people who are above 65 years of age or those who have some health conditions are at higher risk of being affected.

Coronavirus Travel Guidelines by WHO

Many airlines have implemented the guidelines given by WHO. Only to prevent the spread of the coronavirus on the flights and to keep the passengers safe. Some are asking passengers to wear masks and also providing a mask to those who don’t have one. Airports and airlines are following social distancing. Similarly, many long distance flights are also being grounded in the line of regulations and safety. As a result, many airlines are facing a cash crunch which led them to lay off their workforce.

Passenger Experience and Satisfaction

The COVID-19 outbreak has transformed passengers’ lives. This coronavirus pandemic has caused massive disruption and shutdown of airport operations around the globe. It is indeed a massive challenge for companies to maintain the customer satisfaction over intangible assets such as cleanliness.

Before this pandemic airlines and airport staff focused on providing a positive experience with maximum customer interaction. But now this won’t be the same, as many will have to experience social distancing. Passengers still able to travel expect have very different expectations. Other than the regular service at airports and onboard, passengers want a feeling of safety and sanitation.

Cancellations of Flights & Hotel Bookings

Travelers who are cancelling their flights and hotel bookings will have to face the consequences of paying the cancellation fee. But many companies are showing relaxation in the cancellation charges. Some US airlines, such as American Airlines and Jetblue will wave off cancellation charges in return on new bookings.  

Customer experience has taken a new height because of the COVID-19 situation. It will now be more demanding for the airports and the stakeholders to achieve customer delight. Reducing the customers stress in these times is the key to success. Similarly, people who opt to travel at this time should be able to embrace whatever comes their way. Embracing technology and cooperation from all ends is the only way to build stronger relationships.

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