Travel Tips For Senior Citizens

Explore the world

Many people work hard throughout their lives, putting their passions and desires down the lists. I mean I know my best friend’s parents did not discover America till they had their kids working post-college degrees. Tara’s parents emigrated from India to get the American dream here. However, now I see they have been to Europe and African safari and they aim to realize their travel dreams now.

Talking to them I discovered that travel is a fire that burns inside. But with age, your travel needs have to be altered. You cannot party hard or stay at places that could be risky for health. So with the help of Sharma’s and my extended family I was able to list a few very important pointers that will help other senior travelers.


This is a universal important point for any group. However, if you are a senior citizen having insurance is better. In case, you fall get hurt, or need medical assistance your insurance will help you in an unknown country.

Take help in planning

In case you are not a seasoned traveler, then ask for help. Yes, be it your grandchild or a neighbor the younger generation has ideas and access to technology. They can help you in many ways

  • Download useful apps on your phone and teach you their usage.
  • Search the best travel discount websites.
  • Link you up with people in the destination country
  • Help you create the best itinerary

So make sure to seek help from kids and grown-ups who may have traveled to other places and can guide you better.

See the doctor

Before you are set to travel, make sure you have had a doctor’s office trip ticked off the list. Firstly, the doctor will give a list of important medicines that you might need in case of an emergency. For instance,  a medical prescription for a loose stomach keeping your other medical history in mind.

In case, you are a cardiac patient, one must get the necessary scans done for a great and healthy trip.

Blend in the crowd

When you are in a foreign country, learn to blend in the crowd. The young traveling crowd is told the same. If one stands out as a foreigner, there are chances of being robbed or duped easily. So avoid anything that makes you look different in the setting and blend with the people.

Eat with caution

It is a simple rule. Beware of street food as it may not be the most hygienic one of all. Also, exercise caution while eating spicy, salty, or sweet food keeping your ailments in mind. Remember a happy and healthy trip is more important than eating irresponsibly and ending up sick in a country full of strangers.

Stay in touch

As you walk away to explore the world, there are a few people who worry about you. Therefore, make sure all your plans are shared with your loved ones. Do make sure that you are in touch with your family and tell them your forthcoming plans for the days.

Senior citizen perks

There is no harm in taking the benefit of your status. Feel free to ask for any concession or discount for senior citizens, you never know maybe there is one and it is not fully advertised. There are many services of trains, hotels, and airlines that do give concessions to senior citizens.

Medicines are your best friend

Hate it or love it, but most of us have some important pill to pop. So make sure all your pills are secure in a pillbox. Also, do not put the box away in luggage if you have a long flight. More importantly, pack all medicines in excess for a cover of three days. This will keep you safe in case you miss a flight or get a cancellation.

Embrace technology

No matter where you go, there is a need for technology. So if you are thinking of traveling, make sure that you are not dependant to use WhatsApp or book uber with someone’s help. These skills are now a part of this world and you must learn them for an easy travel plan.

Last, of all, relax enjoy and keep it fun. Most people you meet will be friendly and helpful. So do not worry about something going wrong, but make the most of your travel plans and explore the world happily.

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