Travel-friendly cities for kids in the US

child friendly places

Traveling with children, infants and toddlers may seem easy and arguably with technology and better facilities has become easy. However, not all places are kids friendly. Let’s be honest Vegas would not be on top of the list for a vacation with kids.

As a parent, guardian or caretaker, we look at many aspects while choosing a vacation spot with kids.

  • Exploration
  • Learning
  • Closer to nature
  • Availability of basic amenities
  • Infrastructure and proximity to hospitals
  • Peaceful and harmless environment

Any place where there are protests, robbery cases, or dearth of medical facilities will be the ones where people do not want to go with kids. In the US such extreme situations are rare. Therefore we compiled a list of places that are most children friendly and great vacation spots for children.


Florida is famous for many things one being Orlando. The obvious one is Disney World with so much variety that everyone wants to make sure they visit this place. There can be many places in these themed parks that can be explored.

Beaches are the next best place to ditch the digital devices and just have some pure fun with the family. To make your kids more curious you can book a tour for Kennedy Space Center as well. Go for the Sea World visit or Lego Land trip.

You can also take the children to the orange farms and make them learn more about farming.

Washington D.C

As a true American why not show the real history of your country. This city is meant to be a great teacher for their history lesson but also a great start for science learning as well.

One has a variety of museums to visit, while many such museums are free of cost. Take a trip to the White House and narrate the history to your kids. There is a free national zoo for animal lovers.  Take the dinosaur lover kids to the Museum of National History and let them learn while traveling.  The Museum of Air and Space is another great place to polish our science and space knowledge in every new trip. There are a plethora of museums and parks that are a great fit for kids traveling. Not to forget being the capital the amenities are perfect. So the kids stay away from the screen and spend the real quality time with their family.

San Diego

If you are planning a road trip in California with your kids then our best tip would be San Diego. Book a flight with Traveljin or drive to this magnificent family vacation city. The famous San Deigo Zoo is there for kids to experience wildlife in a nice way.  Legoland is another hot favorite amongst families to stop and enjoy as they love their kids having fun there. The Balboa Park, US Maritime museum, and above all the amazing beaches that are perfect throughout the year for the safe dip is what makes San Diego a child-friendly city for most people.


Feeding history to children may be difficult. But if done from an early age with experiential learning then it is the best way.  It is a city that loves sports. So, there are many sports-related grounds and places to visit. The Athens of America- Boston is a great city of education and knowledge. It is a fine example of the past and the future going together. If your kids are above six, take them to the educational institutes, inspire them for seeking better knowledge.  Explore the Freedom Trail,  Children’s Museum, and have a great time at Boston Public Garden. Make the kids happy and increase their knowledge with such a great trip to a beautiful city.


Indianapolis is home to many monuments and historical places.  They can visit the Indiana War Memorial and the neighboring museums. There is the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Antique Toy Museum, and many other places that young and old kids must experience or play at. There are museums, parks, and places such as Rhythm Discovery Center and water parks to keep cool on a hot day.  Go to the Southwestway Park and spend a great day in the woods.

USA has many more cities that are amazing for children and kids. As long as you keep a plan of travel we will keep on updating you with such places that keep the whole family happy and busy.

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