Travel Etiquettes

Travel etiquettes and rules

Respect is a two street and a part of one’s lifestyle. We may identify ourselves as nomads and gypsies trying to see the world. However, there are certain values of respect that must be constant no matter what your lifestyle is.

Our good etiquettes actually end up making up a profile for our country and city. We get judged or judge others based on such a profile. Thus we should keep our best foot forward and be kind and courteous with people. A few very important pointers we must remember while traveling that indicate our etiquette are shared with you guys here.

Dress according to the norms

The first impression we make is with the appearances. Therefore, whenever you travel make sure to understand the values of the place. If you have a trip to a holy mosque or a relatively religious place such as a temple or church planned. In such a case, make sure your clothes are not revealing or scandalizing for the community.

Travel for ease of others as well

Be careful that while you travel your presence does not cause harm to anyone. This means that you are careful with other’s personal space. Do not go overboard with your seat. Try to manage the armrest with your neighbor.

If you are listening to music be careful with the volume. Also, nobody tells you but be very careful with strong perfumes or too much garlic smell in your mouth. Use pleasant smells and keep your mouth smelling fresh and clean.

Get general information about the destination place

Thanks to Google one can search about almost everything. Therefore, use technology wisely. Learn about the norms and traditions in general. This will help you keep safe and away from making any blunders.

In a few countries shaking hands with women or smiling at them is also considered cheap. While in others a firm handshake is not considered nice. So always check on the norms and then try remembering them a bit.

Language love

Again technology has bridged many things. One of them is learning a language. Try to keep a check on online translations and try to communicate with people. There are plenty of apps that make communication easy for people.

Therefore find them, add them to your phone and try connecting with the people by the use of their language. Nothing fancies a local person more than a foreigner trying to speak to them in their language.

Another best tip, knowing their language will get you discounts in street shops and other bazaars.

Food and tips

Dining and drinking is something that each country offers for its guests. However, in Muslim countries, wine and pork are not available easily. So be mindful of what you want to consume in countries. Similarly, many Muslims visiting non-muslim countries have to careful in ordering.

Whatever your religion and moral compass guides follow it, but stay respectful and kind towards the host country. Remember to tip generously. Many hotel workers daydream about good tips from guests and a few ask unabashedly too. The hospitality business at times is very strict. Therefore, before you check out do tip well.


Be careful, as many places do not allow photography.  Be it museums, places of worship, or beaches. Try finding out whether photography is permitted or not. The same rule applies to the people whom you want to photograph. Always ask the priests, shopkeepers, or whoever you wish to photograph. This is a good way to show you care about others.

Food appreciation

Do not offend the locals if the food is not according to your taste buds. Many countires have very spicy food while others have very bland taste dishes. Try to keep your negative remarks with yourself and understand that the world is huge.

This world is truly one’s home full of the same kind of people. They get hurt and get happy with universal emotions. But we must be careful that our actions leave a positive impact on others and our acts are that of a truly global person who cares about the whole world.

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