Travel Corridor Soon to Open Between New York and London

Empire State Building

US officials are planning to open travel corridors between New York and London. Moreover, they are planning to reduce quarantine periods by the holiday season.

The fast COVID-19 test availability in the US has made authorities to take this decision. To create safe travel corridors between the US and international destinations.

However, people traveling to these routes will have to take a coronavirus test which is mandatory. They will have to take the test before their flight and after arrival in the cities. This will help them skip the long quarantine periods.

Ban on Travelers

For now, American travelers have to quarantine for 14 days when traveling to the UK. But most of them are unable to travel to the EU countries because of the ban and travel restrictions.

The US has banned travelers from Europe unless they are American citizens or permanent residents in the states. 

The Trump administration, including those from the Transportation Department and Department of Homeland Security. And foreign governments will need to agree to the plan.  

A Homeland Security official said that the agency was in the early stages of working. To “safely encourage trans-Atlantic travel while mitigating public-health risks.”

Meanwhile, people familiar with the issue said that the White House’s National Security Council had already approved plans for the travel corridor to move forward.

The Transportation Department’s spokesperson said that agency officials will take the decision in coordination with the international and industry counterparts. Moreover, the agency also seems in the favour of supporting the travel corridor effort.

Decision Making

The UK’s Transport Minister, Grant Shapps, recently said that a task force has been established to study the potential role of airport testing.

In addition to focusing on a ‘travel corridor’ with the UK, US authorities were also said to be in discussions with German officials. 

One hindrance standing in the way during talks of establishing travel corridors with foreign leaders is the fact that the US continues to have high coronavirus infection rates. 

Both the US and the UK have experienced increases in infection rates in recent weeks. 

It is still not clear whether officials will be able to establish the travel corridor plans between the US and UK by Thanksgiving. Or they will do it more likely by the December holidays.

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