Travel Check – Road Trip Mistakes to Avoid

Road travel made easy

The trips maneuvered by us are more memorable than the ones where we just do the ticket buying. Yes if it is you behind the wheel, or the main one making the excursion possible, then it is safe to say that it is more likely to be more memorable. Also, it needs more master planning as in case of trouble in the plan everyone will hold you responsible.  Also, in the days of limited flights and social distancing, we recommend go old school and enjoy road trips in the best fashion of all.

Car check

I have numerous stories of friends taking road trips that were meant to be amazing, but they turned rather sour because of slight mismanagement. My best pal Adam was going from New Jersey to Chicago for the weekend and the bad timing of the collapsing engine led his party to the nearest motel and they came back without setting foot in Chicago.

So make sure, your vehicle, spare tyres and extra tools for small repairs are with you.

Use of maps (online and conventional ones)

 The digital era has crammed everything into your handheld device. However,  there are a few pointers you must keep in mind. In case of a phone battery discharge or any other calamity, you may have no map at all. Therefore, do not take chances and keep a real last century piece of a paper map that helps you in navigation.

Consequently, online Google maps and the likes of it keep you informed about the ongoing construction and repair work. Therefore, the use of maps is a must in all cases.

Battery life

This age demands a constant need of being online. Therefore, always keep your phones charged and extra power banks for emergencies. You may be stranded for long in any part but having some solid battery can make your help party come sooner than expected. Traveljin has an ample variety of these at different prices to suit your needs and budgets right here.

Fuel up before time’s up

Most of us get some cheap thrills in waiting for the gas to be really low and then the mad hunt for a gas station begins. Ok, not most of us but quite a few, please stop this teenager habit of yours at least on the highway. No way, do you know when the next station will mushroom in the deserts of Nevada or any other place where you have not been earlier.

So the moment you think the drive is long and you need fuel do not test your luck and say “ we’d fuel up the next station” because only God knows when is the next station coming.

Weather Check

Although, with the weather app available right on our phones and access to the news all day long, making this mistake sounds impossible. However, knowing that the climate is changing rapidly and somedays are actually uncertain one must be smart to check on the weather.

There could be rain or a storm that is lying quietly, yet predicted by the met department. So make sure you have checked on weather news.

Reservations blunder

Since we were kids, we have been told to double-check and make sure there is no mistake. Do the same with your hotels or Airbnbs. Do not book for the wrong date or confuse any dates.

I am sure we all have at least one friend who makes such a grave mistake and bears the party jokes every year when all gather together.

Health wise always

Be wiser to choose your health over everything. This means making sure you have plenty of snacks to eat while on the road. This will ensure that you get no headaches due to hunger.

Many people refrain from using public toilets and this leads to less water consumption on the road. Trust me I got the worst kidney pain while being five hours away from the city. Make sure you drink ample water it not only keeps you alert but it is also quite important for you.

Do not choose to be the martyr and drive all through the trip even if you love driving. Take turns and enjoy the scenery while someone else goes behind the wheel. One very minor but important tip, do not fight or argue while on a road trip. It not only makes the mood sour but could end up in a disaster as well.

Thief watch

We all are wary of strangers and can assess a difficult situation. However, try to not wear clothes such as “ I Love NY” kind of souvenir shirt that gives away the idea that you are a visitor. Make sure that your vehicle is not a glorifying advertisement of travelers onboard. This only attracts unwanted attention. More importantly, inform friends and family of your whereabouts every two hours. This will keep them updated and someone will know when to hit the emergency button in case things go south.

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