Travel Between New Zealand And Australian States

Sights in Australia

New Zealanders may be able to travel to some states of Australia before the end of the year. Says the New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Monday.

The plan of establishing a travel ‘bubble’ between Australia and New Zealand is under discussion for months. However, both countries were able to contain the virus from spreading. But they were disrupted after a resurgence of COVID-19 in Melbourne, Australia. Ans followed by a second wave of infections in Auckland.

Establishing the Travel Bubble

However, New Zealand is again able to largely contain the virus from spreading. And cases are declining in Australian regions, so talks of a travel bubble with some states have been revived.

But on asking whether New Zealanders would be able to travel to at least some Australian regions before Christmas, Ardern said, “It is possible.”

“What we would need to be assured of is that when Australia is saying okay we’ve got a hotspot over here. That the border around that hotspot means that people aren’t able to travel into the states where we are engaging in trans-Tasman travel,” she said.

Ardern said Australia was pretty satisfied with both how New Zealand was tracking now and how they are tracking generally.

Lowest Number of Cases

However, New Zealand has only 59 active cases and 1,477 confirmed cases of COVID-19 so far. This is one of the lowest tally in the world.

On Monday there were some reports that said initially the travel may be just one way with New Zealand travelers heading to Australia. And maybe restricted to just travelers from New Zealand’s South Island, which has had no coronavirus cases for months.

However, Victoria, Australia’s second-most populous state. And the epicenter of the country’s COVID-19 outbreak, said on Sunday that it would ease social distancing restrictions. As infections slow to fewer than 20 cases a day.

But, Australia has reported just over 27,000 cases and 872 deaths. However, this is well below the numbers as there are in many other countries.

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