Top places Americans would opt to travel after Coronavirus

Places Americans Travel after Coronavirus

The Covid-19 crisis has led the world to practice more gratefulness for life. People learnt the value of creating happier moments with loved ones. While many opted to create bucket list of things to do once the pandemic is over. Travelling and exploring the world is one of the top items on their list. However, travel industry has been one the worst hit sectors of the world. Companies everywhere are adapting to the pandemic and reviving their business.

America has been adversely hit by Covid-19 like other countries of the world. However, now people are optimistic with the news of a forthcoming medicine. Also an important question raised is how the people will choose their travel destination after the pandemic?

Local love for travel

Industry experts reveal that most Americans will opt to stay closer to home even after the relaxation of lock down. Generally they would choose geographically closer locations in the US. Many of the future travelers will also opt for road travel to follow social distancing. The kinds of places that people want to visit should most likely be:

  1. Beaches with private villas
  2. Outdoor adventure spaces with natural habitat in abundance
  3. Less populated areas with ease of personal homes and sanitized spaces.

As a result most of them will choose American states or neighboring countries to restore their travel faith!


Hawaii has always been a favorite of foreigners and locals due to its exotic beauty. It was the first state to require all travelers to a strict quarantine in the Covid-19 pandemic situation. This state has preferred health over monetary gains during the crisis. Moreover nature’s best flowers, massages, and fruits are just not the best part of Hawaii; this state has a lot to offer in terms of food, scenery, and beautiful beaches.

  • Local travel to Hawaii will supplement their tourism industry that has been affected by the pandemic.
  • The private homes, villas and Airbnb options are feasible with the ease of sanitizing. This will keep the whole family at peace with their worries on cleanliness during the vacation.
  • Polo lovers find the best scenery and polo grounds to enjoy their holiday in Hawaii.
  • Sightseeing, snorkeling and surfing with the volcanic beauty of Hawaii is a perfect getaway trip for all.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas is an exotic Caribbean country that welcomes its citizens with love. As it is a tourism dependant country, they have seen a sharp decline in the economy.

  • There are great secluded beaches to enjoy while practicing social distancing on a vacation.
  •  Lucayan National Park is a perfect connection to nature. All nature lovers can look forward to this treat.
  • Plan your scuba diving in the pristine clear water of Andros. The marine life is a must-see for all.
  • The pandemic fear may not subside, but by choosing sanitized places, you will enjoy the country and its variety of food and beaches offered.


Oregon is a West Coast state of the USA. It has a strong tourism industry due to its scenery and parks. The travelers get to view the state’s natural treasures of mountains, rivers, trekking areas, and beaches. People from all walks of life will love to experience the diverse environment of Portland.

  • Portland and Beaverton boast of many great parks. Nature lovers will love the scenery. Washington Park, Portland Japanese Garden, and Rose Test Garden are just a few to be named here.
  • Amazing bookstores and museums make a stop zone of travelers. There is a perfect science museum, Nike headquarters, and many great places to see and learn.
  • Portland International Raceway, may be closed based on pandemic aftermath. However, it is one trip that you need for the love of wheels and racing cars to get the thrill of a huge racing arena.

St. Lucia

Caribbean beauty of the exotic islands is a perfect getaway trip to rekindle romance, friendship, or just form a good connection with loved ones. Soak up the beautiful sun on the clean beaches and indulge in healthy activities to make great memories of a lifetime.

  • Explore the beauty of Pitons with your hiking buddies while learning the geological and botanical facts with them.
  • Chocolate lovers can get a treat at the Morne Coubaril and Fond Doux plantations in Soufrière. Right from enjoying the process of chocolate making to eating it right there. You get the delicious chocolates freshly made on the island.
  • Get the most original spa that is free from chemicals. Make sure that post Covid-19 when you go in the muddy water you are safely distant from others. But, the experience of Sulphur Springs is something not to be missed. The relaxation is skin deep for the tired and lethargic people bored with the dull life.

These are some of the few common responses gathered from Americans. There are many other states and countries even farther from the USA that they wish to travel to. However, travel essentials and travel cautions have changed drastically for all. The fearlessness of trying a zip line or wearing a tribal dress is all tossed out of the window with new rules of cleanliness.

Still, humans are praised for their adaptability. Therefore, we all hope that post-pandemic we all can adjust ourselves well and keep on exploring the world with our friends and family.

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