Top Party Cities In The US

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We know Christmas is coming. Things may still be struck with Covid and not seem positive. You may have not taken the long planned vacation this year. However, as true Americans we can do one thing, explore our land. This year I have promised myself to explore America. Although, I had a strong plan to explore Asia this year. But anyway, now for my Thanksgiving and Holidays season I have made a new plan.

During the travel hunt I found some great party cities of US that Id love to explore. A few of them are literally done to death but they must be explored. So with that, my list of top party cities to be seen with friends are shared below.

Las Vegas

This was obvious. Las Vegas is the party town to be explored for sure. One can surely vouch that it is the entertainment capital of the world.

There is booze, money, too much of beautiful bodies and plenty of sin that you leave behind. The sin city is a great place as long as you know that this all is temporary and one has to go back to the routine life. Explore the casinos, enjoy the grand party there and dance to the tunes of the most crazy DJS who will make your heads spin.


The people from the 80s and the 90s rave about Miami and the millenials do too. Well its for a simple reason this city parties like there is no tomorrow. Miami is never too cold for the party goers. There is beach and sun all year long. The beach parties and crazy shopping act like great breaks for each other.

Choose  a private yacht or hop into the latin music clubs to sway to the DJs beats – you go anywhere in Miami you will get the best time. There is quita e aprty scene in this part of Florida. So enjoy the cocktails at the rooftop bar and shop around before the party begins in the evening for you.

Pro tip – keep a good check on your cash and wallets there.

New Orleans

If city has a street named Bourbon Street, you might guess it will be some fun there. New Orleans is the place of some real innovative music, liveliness of people and not exactly debauchery but living a free life. This city has a total new persona at night. The birthplace of Jazz and unique cocktails  – New Orleans is a total heaven for someone who wants to sway to music and dance till the last breath.

There is music heard in this city at all times of the day. The cabaret clubs, casinos and most amazing bars are waiting for the people to dive in the endless ocean of fun.

There is no end to the variety of life and festivity at Bourbon Street and Frenchman Street. Here the sun goes down and every human dons his or her party avatar to live as if there is no tomorrow. Hit New Orleans with the lowest low of your lfie and then find how the music, life and festivity bring you back to the world.

Los Angeles

 Hollywood power, beautiful bodies loads of money is all a recipe for some high society party life. Los Angeles is one such vacation spot that party lovers love to choose. You have Beverly Hills to watch out, where the young and full of lfie people come to unwind after a hard day in the corporate world. Apart from the general rule of checking out the most famous Hollywood Clubs to spot your favorite celebs. You have a variety of beach facing hotels, bars and dance clubs with great Latin music playing to make your party animal have all the fun.

New York City

The Big Apple is big because here all the fun is king size too. Tourists love to explore this city in day and night. You maybe a true New Yorker who works his butt off to chase the dream or a tourist – whatever you are this city will mesmerize you. There is Soho where the the rich and the famous or the artsy ones flock to. Brooklyn areas to keep you attached with the diversity fo this city. Each day there is some new bar popping up with new wineries and dance clubs mushrooming for you to explore.

The city actually knows how to work hard and play the hardest.

Present times of Covid-19 are testing us all. However, we say stay positive and things will get better. If you are planning to explore American cities do it but with all caution and you will be safe.

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