Top Party Cities in Asia

Nightlife in Asia

Asia is a hotpot of cultures and religions. One has Buddhists, Orthodox Christians, or Muslims all living peacefully in this region. You may also find lush green mountains, a variety of temples and mosques, and dirt cheap products, as this continent is still growing and finding more growth. We think as a party lover and someone who wants to save a lot of money Asia is the place to be.

Therefore, we chalked out a few new and some old yet most voted party cities of Asia that you must explore and party in.

Goa, India

Goa is one great spot beach city in India. Firstly, it has a great history and architectural value added to it during the Portuguese rule. There are plenty of cathedrals, buildings, and landmarks that one will love. Apart from the great history, there are amazing beaches and the best fusion of Portuguese Food for the tourists.

The parties and clubbing scene in Goa are fun. Most beach parties are not extremely exclusive. Therefore, you can easily get into them by paying the prices. However, the parties at the beaches have locals and foreigners alike. There is an abundance of alcohol and plenty of discounted wine shops. Also, if you are up for experiments then do try a local Goan drink called Feni. The trance music festivals are always planned in the city making it worth your while.

Koh Phangan, Thailand

Thailand is the heaven of party lovers and a perfect place to reduce your angelic side. You shop, get massages, play around, and have the best party time with your gang. The original half moon party of Koh Phangan is famous worldwide. Just slather some neon body paint and dance the night away with unending booze and great music.

 Seoul, South Korea

Korean music, makeup, and dramas are a big rage now. However, what many don’t know that the nightlife in this country is also great. The buzz of this city is for all. You get a variety of options suiting your wallet needs.

There are great bars that are open on all days to welcome students, executives, and tourists all with warmth. South Koreans work pretty hard but their formula for a party is getting heavily drunk. So be ready to experience the night of stupor and fun there.

There are plenty of lounges, clubs, and karaoke spots to make the singing, drinking, and some casual hook-up scenes easy for all. Try Seoul with a heart that is meant for playing and having good fun.

Dubai, UAE

Dubai is all about shine and glamour. Therefore, make sure to load your wallets heavily. Clubbing and party scene in UAE are big and extremely lavish. You may run into many celebrities and stars as well. So wear the best and throw the money like one big star.

Tokyo, Japan

If you want to merge the party with the craziest kind of technology then Tokyo is your dream spot. Although, Japan is an expensive country, so when it comes to party one must be informed beforehand. The futuristic night clubs, the lavish shows and psychedelic neon lights displayed around will make you spin with the rich and bright life Asians have.

Shanghai, China

Speaking of crazy rich Asians, Shanghai is the party town of  Asia. It has been labeled as Paris of the East for the same reasons.

The food, theatres, shows all are over the top. The Chinese are becoming the masters of entertainment so be it anything that entertains they add more power to it. The nightclubs and bars are a big scene there. The variety of décor and music is vast and one can choose their dating places as per their favorite music and party scene in Shanghai.

Live rock and jazz can be heard till the sunrises in Shanghai and the party lovers start heading back. The DJs are locals as we ll as foreigners who have made Shanghai their home for making a great living.   

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Vietnam is dirt cheap and uber young. Therefore you find many young people roaming around discussing politics and the economy in the daytime. However, as night falls these youngsters set out to party and enjoy the freedom, something that their elders could not do much. The beer is cheap around, so you have many places to mingle and speak to natives as well as other travelers. Who knows you get lucky?

You have an amazing life to see in Vietnam from great music to shiny casinos. The rooftop bars are chich while the live jazz music or heavy rock gigs make your choice of bars even diverse. So enjoy the crazy drinking and dancing spree in Vietnam.

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