Top five destinations for college students

College travel

College students are always on a budget. They have loans to pay, stuff to buy, rents to manage and to top that do maintain their dating and party life. However, the one thing college students have in abundance is resilience. They know how to make the most of their minimum resources.

The summer break is always a chance to take the chances. Families, lovers, spouses and friends all plan their summer outings. Of all the lot students are the ones, who have a lot to manage such as

  • Money matters
  • Party scene
  • Safety and security
  • Chances of small jobs

Students think out of their pockets but act on their hearts will. So the combination they are looking for is something amazing. Many couples on shoestring budgets also tend to emulate their choices if they are young and adventurous.

Costa Rica

Sun, liquor and adventure all comes together in Costa Rica. Enjoy the beaches, volcanoes and real beauty of nature. Adventure loving people, have beautiful sights to absorb and play around. Swim in the Caribbean waves and zip line through the canopy. Enjoy the best concoctions of insane mojitos and cocktails while enjoying the best disco nights at the beach.

This place has a young vibe for the college students. But the adrenaline rush seekers are also in love with the place. The lush green forests and Corcovado National Park and Monteverde Reserve give the students the peace and closeness to nature. One can enjoy the unending trees, beautiful bird and insect species and rediscover the jaded curiosity of their nature.

Hot springs and volcanoes, and trek along the active volcanoes make this place an instant hit with students.


Europe is an expensive deal of continents. So why not find a country that is truly European in nature while pocket friendly for our target group! Albania is a perfect place for such college students. The architecture, museums and remains of ancient empires will keep the students enthralled.

While the pocket friendliness in terms of inexpensive food, hotels and couch surfing options are perfect for shoe string budget students. The beaches and small party scene around town is perfect to meet young backpackers from different countries and create more memories of a great youth.


Malaysia is a great retreat for almost all age groups. College students will love this place, because people are friendly, the country is growing at an accelerated rate making access to technology very easy.

The islands, beaches, resorts and fun activities are endless. To top it all, the party scene is good. The diverse food and affordability make Malaysia your next place to be. You try the great wineries in a much flatter price range and when you get back, boast about your best experience that did not break your wallet.


Time travel will always be more expensive. So how about you see a place that is as good as time travel. Ecuador is a rare undisturbed gem from the colonial era. The cobbled streets, old architecture  will be a treat for students of history and arts. This South American country‘s city Quito is UNESCO’s world heritage site.

Walk along the majestic Plaza Grande, the Presidential Palace, the Cathedral in the main square and inhale the cultural diversity of this beautiful country. The street food is also delicious and full of Spanish flavors.

The Galápagos Islands are a true heaven for all nature lovers. Its isolated location is a factor behind diversity of plant and animal species. So pack up to enjoy on the smallest of budgets and enjoy with your gang of boys and girls in the land of free spirits.

Also, the available dorms and Airbnb options are great for such college students.


This is still an amazing destination, even after two decades people watch the movie ‘The Beach’ and want to visit the place.  So pack your bags and say swadika to the land of fresh fruits, dirt cheap shopping of amazing stuff and great adventure sports.

Asia is generally bidget friendly. HOWEVER, Thailand is both budget friendly and tourist friendly. The sparkling island water, lively beaches and soothing temples all are a part of this country.

Take your time out for plenty fo outdoor excursions, biking, rafting. Later, enjoy the local cuisine the full moon beach party and the enormous night life  to keep you happy for a long time. This country fits all budgets and takes all tourists with love.

So take out your passports and fill up the details on the websites so you may globe trot within your bank account limits and enjoy this prime time of your lives!

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