Top 8 mistakes when Booking a Hotel

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Travel accommodations have now become a much easier deal. Decades ago, no travel was possible without the hassles of making faxes, long calls, and travel agents.

However, now the internet has made everything easy. One can use direct websites or third party websites to make bookings for worldwide locations months in advance.

Still, there are troubles that people face while booking for their vacations. But, they realize these troubles mostly halfway through their journey. So if you are a new budding traveler or anyone who is about to make a booking for their next leisure or work plan, we recommend you to read a few tips and moves to make your hotel booking a more amazing experience than others.

Rate comparison

There is a difference of rates based on dates and festivals. Even locations and distance from city all contribute to the rate changes. Therefore before booking the hotel, always make it a point to compare the rates of different hotels. You can use various sites that compare hotel rates. Also, use your other memberships and association discounts on the travel hotels to have an idea of it.

There is one more catch to it, sometimes booking a hotel directly from the website versus booking from a third party website is beneficial. As the hotels value those guests more and at times upgrade them to better rooms with better views as a goodwill gesture as opposed to guests coming via another portal.

 Bundle boons

If you are looking for convenience and good savings then go for bundles. Try to check on hotel booking that offers you air booking and car rental services. This may come on the bundle services website. Therefore, if your destination and itinerary are sorted you can easily think of some small sacrifices and book all three together. This way all your queries are resolved at one spot and most likely you get a good price for it.

However, before doing this, double-check individual prices of all for your safety and understand that there is less flexibility offered in such bundle offers.

Too early or quite late

This is one balancing act. There is no benefit in booking at the last minute, as normally many things are compromised. Only one percent of people get lucky for being the last one to book. However, booking too early is also not advised. As prices do vary based on seasonality, location, peak season you should start monitoring hotels 40 days prior to the arrival date. Follow the trend. If you see prices are going up constantly on the fourth-day book so you may lock the deal at a fair price.

Also, may many travel experts share that there are days to make bookings for air travel and hotels. For instance, hotels display higher prices from Monday through Wednesday and decrease them throughout the weekend. This is so as many people are booking on weekdays for their weekend holidays in any given month.

Looking only at rate

Travelers must make a comprehensive calculation. This includes calculating the time of drive from the hotel to city, amenities such as airport shuttle, clinic. Also one must calculate whether food and breakfast are included. Services such as gym, pool, and spa if excluded by the hotel can miff a traveler. So make a complete count of all costs and then decide your hotel.

Double check dates

Save yourself from the loss of money and embarrassing by checking the time of check-in as per time zones. Always make a booking confirmation once you know what time you will be landing in the destination city/country. Arriving later than the time will only make you lose your money. Similarly, you may be asked to check-out due to your mistake in calculating times while booking weeks ago.

Customer review

The digital age has abridged the world. So now, with one click you can view plenty of customer reviews to make your decision concrete. The fact there could be artificial or fake reviews is a truth. Yet, at least, seventy percent of users give their anger or love an outlet. So make sure to read the reviews and then book.

Follow up with Hotel

One thing that sets you apart from another guest can be your attention to detail. So one small email or a call can hammer the fact that the hotel should take you seriously. If you have any fragrance allergy, need for a bassinet, or some requirement that you mentioned while booking it can be confirmed again. This will make them wary of customer service and ensure that you get whatever you had asked for – If it comes in their domain and rules.

Plastic money is great

Use your credit cards! This is one area where your credit cards bring benefits for you. You get travel-related perks, similar to the concept of miles. As most hotels take up a token amount form each guest to cover incidents of mini bar snacks or consumption at the lobby bar.

So go ahead make your bookings and get the hotel of your choice. Try all the tips we shared with you so that your trip is amazing.

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