Top 5 Travel apps in 2020

Travel convenience

Convenience is a major treasure we all look for in life. Gone are the days when people would take pride in doing things the hard way. Now, doing things smartly is what gets you the accolades.

Travel as we say is a way of life. We travel locally or internationally, for work or for leisure. But all kinds of travel demand meticulous planning and some sort of relaxation in terms of exploring on your own or visiting someplace notorious.

Now be it tickets, bookings, language, time and currency calculators, etc. For all these and many more, you need something that is your constant guide. Each year countless apps are introduced in the market. Some are amazing and some not so great. However, in the end, a user ends up downloading many apps that may not be of any help.

So we have assessed a few apps that are not already known or newer. The ones that are immensely famous are most likely known to you as well.

So taking the cue we will share the more fresh and latest of the applications that can make your travel much easier.

Trail Wallet

Cash is the ultimate backbone of any plan. So this app is what makes you happy and the travel plan perfect. The most important factor in budgeting for travel is the fact that one has to constantly decide between different currencies, local and international.

This app helps you keep the conversions and total amounts in check.  We recommend this app as it is user friendly and extremely helpful. The first 25 transactions tracking are free while after that you can buy it for $4.99 and use it forever without any further payments.

So carry on and account for all expenses and daily budgets.

Availability –  iOS

Android version available though it will charge a small one time amount to start the automatic conversion of currencies for $1.99 (Trabee Wallet)


The name sounds fancy. But trust us this is the most useful and relevant app in the traveling times of today. We all know and see how liters of coffee and energy drinks are used to fight and battle the jetlag effects. Not anymore! This app has been built after large research on sleep and circadian neuroscience. This app helps to device your jetlag plan, thus not putting your entire itinerary upside down, but rather making the plan smooth to adjust with your body needs.

However, the first plan is free and after that each plan comes at a price of $9.99 or $24.99 annually for unlimited plans.

Airbnb (Local experiences)

So you all know about booking spaces and short term rentals. Well, this app is more than that. Next time you want to experience the Sikh food langar in India, or a Mexican taco making at home, do not rely on the planned tours. Use Airbnb Adventures, from cooking to gardening, fishermen to DJ in Baku you get the best local experience straight from the horse’s mouth. Stay local while being an international tourist and enjoy your trip with the real people of the area.


Making lists is a pain for many. While some ace it but cannot stick to it. For all those and others this app is a god sent. A traveler writes the destination and based on historical data this app extracts the best advice for things to be packed. This includes things that you need as per the weather, terrain, festivals.

So you feed in your travel dates and let the app generate the required items on the list. This gives a ballparked list of items that you might use.

So go ahead download it and with an extra payment of $2.99 in-app purchase, you get to create custom activities and save their complimentary items for next time use.

This app is available on both iOS and Android. So before you make your mind about the next place, do make space in your phones for these apps that will make your travel much easier and lovelier with a better experience.


This app is for one’s safety. Now, most avid travelers know the importance of health insurance. However, more than having insurance there is one more important thing. One should know places for an emergency. This app is made with assistance from an insurance company. Therefore, there is ample information about hospitals, emergency numbers, and security help.

You may have lost your flight documents or be in a medical state of help this app helps you in many countries with drug names translated for urgent help. The best part it is free on both iOS and Android.

So go ahead and book your trips while you plan them better with these helpful apps.

Have a lovely journey!

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