Top 10 natural vacation spots in the USA

natural beauty in USA

The USA has been the dream place in the last century. People believe in the American dream and continue to immigrate to this country and start living here. However, the ones who live here of course sometimes miss what an amazing country they have. The fifty states have each more than one place that needs to be praised, loved, and revisited for its scenic beauty.

You maybe fond of Hawaiian volcanoes, Grand Canyon or Niagara falls, but for each state, there are more than one or maybe three places that offer natural scenery worth being lived in and shot for memories.

Here below we have only picked ten of such locations although there are plenty

1) Zion National Park

This is the first National Park of Utah.  The super high red and white cliffs set against the historical background of this park makes everything all the more interesting.  The Zion Canyon towers over the Virgin River and is a top favorite tourist point for many visitors.  This is the most famous spot in the park. However, many other attractions are a part of this historical park that has a history of human life dating 8000 years.

Attractions like the Emerald Pools, the cliffs of Angel’s Landing, and the tranquil Kolob Canyons, the hanging gardens, and meadows of flowers all make this place a must-visit.

One can choose different attractions in the park to avoid crowds and enjoy their special holidays with ease. Parking space is limited inside the park. However, hikers, rock climbers, and tree huggers all will love this place.

2) Multnomah Falls

Niagara Falls may be far, so you can head to Oregon to view this beautiful tallest waterfall of Oregon. The waterfall does not dry up in summer and the more brave ones can enjoy a better view from the Benson Bridge. Portland residents can view this beautiful waterfall after only half an hour’s drive and enjoy their hike up to the top of the fall as well. So if you are around Portland or Oregon do catch sight of this pretty waterfall.

3) Redwood Forests

The tallest tree on the planet is Redwoods. These forests are in California. The Redwood National and state parks protect these precious trees. There are around 8 parks in California that have these beautiful tall trees planted.

In the park, there are about  200 miles of trail. People can prefer to drive and view the beauty from the comfort of their cars. Others can walk on foot with the help of a tour guide or on their own.

4) Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is pretty famous and a known landmark for most of the people. There is a hike, there are adrenaline rushes and loads of raw beauty of nature for the naked eye. You may not see lush green trees and dense forests but you see another facet of nature’s beauty.

277 miles of Arizonian desert appeals to the eye.  The canyon is divided into three areas: the South Rim, the North Rim, and the West Rim. South Rim, is more accessible as it open throughout with more lodging and food options available.

The West Rim is home to the glass-bottomed Skywalk, while the North Rim is least populated by tourists and fit for people who want more places to themselves.

5) Skagit Valley

Give your partner the taste of Holland right here in Washington. Take him or her to the beautiful unending lines of tulips. The colorful array of flowers is the best thing one would want away from the massive shopping centers and unnatural entertainment offerings. Have a picnic or lie down amidst the glorious flowers and enjoy your vacation.

6) Arches National Park

Natural arches that were formed by nature are always a marvel to see. This National Park boasts of more than 2000 natural stone arches. The awe-inducing arches park is next to the Colorado River making it a perfect picnic and stopover point for families and friends alike. One can choose to cycle or drive around the 18-mile long road along the park or park along to hike on various heights that may take minutes to hours.

7) Caddo Lake

The nostalgia of fishing with grandparents is always a happy memory. To evoke the same feelings with your kids, friends, or a special one for whom you can cook later. This beautiful lake is safely tucked between Texas and Louisiana’s borders.

You have options for accommodation, buying fishing equipment in the park. There are  46 campsites and several historical cabins.  So pack loads of food, patience to bait, and your loved one while you guys toss the phones in the bags and live life the way it is meant to be!

8) Dry Tortugas

This place is perfcet for water babies. So plan it for your babymoon, honey moon or just a coupe of college friends celebrating their graudation in the best way.

So when Florida, you must plan to see this natural beauty that has a great history as well as exotic fish variety in the water to keep you amazed. Snorkel, swim or sunbathe or take a walk to explore the cluster of islands that are scenic and a perfect backdrop to energize. You can book a ferry, or charter a ship to these islands.

The Spanish villages, golf courses, and farmers market all will make your holiday a complete happy rustic holiday experience.

9) White Sands National Park

The 47th state, New Mexico has an illustrious natural park that has acres and acres of land filled with gypsum. The white sands and dune fields give a very surreal look to the national park.

Camp and see how the colors and temperatures of this area change with the variance of sun. Stargaze and lie under the sky with sand around you! If deserts and Grand Canyon is amazing, then readers this is equally awesome for you to visit and enjoy.


10) Hamilton Pool, Texas

Nature messed up a thousand years back and gave us a beautiful pool to swim and hike around. This 50-foot waterfall is pretty close to Austin.  It is a true paradise for swimmers and water lovers who can enjoy the hike and the view both.

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