Tips to save money on travel

Save money in travel

Budget living is a complete lifestyle. It is an essential tool to make one’s wallet thicker and bank statements soar. However, it does not mean one becomes a miser. Although, many travel influencers and bloggers are the epitome of minimalism and budget living. Their daily shopping and budgeting are exemplary.

But, in case you are not that strict with yourself, we still have a few tips and tricks that will keep you on a good track. The most frequent trouble people face while traveling is that they overspend during their travel.  As a result, when they are back home they realize that whoa I made a mistake. So here we are with a few very important nuggets of travel expense wisdom for you guys!

Buy Less – Before traveling and during traveling

It is as simple as said. No need to buy expensive swimsuits when you can do a thrift store suit. Buy less and recycle. Try to save money by not thinking of Instagram images of you but your journey. While traveling, find cheap shopping spots for souvenir gifts, and keep a budget check on all your expenses. This includes spas, retreats, food, and general shopping the less you buy the more you save – simple.

Travel in offseason

If you can plan well, you can save oodles money by traveling off-season. The perks are more and lesser crowds. The hotel prices are low due to less demand and generally a better wallet situation for you, so save your work holidays for the off-season travel plan that you want. This works best for your wallet and makes the situation better.

Water bottle and snacks

Make it a point that you invest in a good UV filter water bottle. Basically, this works as you contribute less to plastic consumption firstly and secondly the amount of money you pay for a processed water bottle goes down. Convert the foreign currency that you pay for water and then learn how well you can save per day in a foreign land.

As for munching and snacking, try to pack the home country’s munchies such as chocolates and crisps. This will be a cheaper way to retain foreign currency.

Make bookings on off-peak days using private browsers

So many seasoned travelers have shared how flying on a few days gives a cheaper ticket. So pick Mondays and Tuesdays for flights. Many people say that in US Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday are usually cheapest. 

Also, picking extreme late night or early morning flights guarantees a little lower rate.

Use the search engine from an incognito window, by changing country of origin. Many sources have shared with us how changing one’s homeland to a country of a weaker currency can get you a cheaper rate of a flight.

Refrain from buying hub city tickets

In case you are landing at a hub city (major city) such as Houston, London, Amsterdam or Lisbon etc, we have a tip. How about you buy a ticket to a nearby city?

 A trend has been seen due to the high demand for flights. This trend is a significantly higher price of tickets for airport hub cities. So next time if you are landing at an airport hub better book for a closer quieter airport town and save money.

Staying at places that are more like homes

Yes – ditch the old hotel system and try new ways. Be a couch surfer, or use Airbnb. Maybe even rent a house using other connections. Do you know this will save you the money for food as well? You can simply cook your own meals in a budget. The food and drinks are generally expensive at hotels. So instead of paying a hefty price for those meals save more and try the authentic street food or the real dining experience of your destination city.

Free attractions and free city tours

Explore the places that are free to be explored. Many museums and art galleries give a free day as well. Keep those days in your itinerary for such visits. Try to find out free city tours and walks with the local students of the city. You will know plenty about the places without paying a dime.  

Travel credit card

Use the bonus with the credit cards. Keep on amassing your miles and use them for your flights. There is a way to travel and then a way to travel smart. We say take the smart way and use it.

Walk around

In case, you are young and can be street smart then ditch the cabs and walk around the city. Until and unless you are in a dangerous city, do try to blend in with the locals and walk around explore the city. Lets be honest if you are in Chicago and you end up in London until and unless you speak and spill the accent you will look just like another person on the road!

So try walking its good for the heart and the wallet.

So open your minds to our suggestions and your hearts for more travel. May we all see more of the world and become a beter saver.

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