Tips for Thailand trip with kids

Thailand exploration with kids

Thailand is referred to as the land of smiles. The people are warm and adjusted to the fact that tourists and different faces will be seen in the country. Unlike, many other countries where new races, religions, and people are not welcome, Thailand does the opposite.

As Asia is huge, most western tourists eye on the countries here. Thailand was one such country that lured heaps of tourists by positioning itself as a friendly and humble country. Each year different kinds of tourists flock to this magical country. One sees bachelors going for a dirt-cheap party on a full moon night, honeymooners from other countries coming to explore the land. At times, elderly couples enjoy the sun and sand with ease. In addition to that big families which means extended families with siblings and their kids flock to this paradise of sea, sand, and sun.

The thing is Thailand has amazing sights at a much lower price. One gets beautiful beaches, lush green jungles, animal sanctuaries, and pocket-friendly shopping for all. Then why would anyone not go there?

Especially someone with kids will love to show them the side of Asia which speaks English, offers delicious food and has some great fun activities.  The locals speak English which is one more plus to your travel list of reasons to visit Thailand.

Thailand trips during Covid-19

As the world is now following the strict protocols of Covid-19, Thailand is no exception. Presently, travelers have to observe a quarantine period before they can step out. Travelers from countries with Covid variants have to stay in for a fortnight. While people from countries that have no reports of Covid variants are given less period for quarantine. They have to stay indoors for eleven nights and ten days as their quarantine period.

Furthermore, the Thai government has been quite amazing at controlling the spread of this deadly virus. This year they have made the rule of insurance policy provision. All travelers need to show insurance of cover of $100,000 and a negative PCR test that is taken within 72 hours of departure.

Also, on arrival, a PCR test sample is taken. Due to this measure, the travelers have to quarantine at government-approved quarantine facilities or Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) facilities. ASQ are hotels or guesthouses that are offering quarantine facilities.  It must be noted the stay period for quarantine is paid by the traveler.

Children need some fun

As it has been a year of complete lockdown and minimal travel. Therefore, many families have now started to make plans for travel and some entertainment. Thailand is perfect for a family getaway. Mainly because here covid has been managed and thwarted quite well. However, in times of such uncertainty, one must exercise pure caution with children. We made a list of key factors for travelers and their children for a perfect Thailand trip.

Carry your medicines

Like all travel needs, a medicine bag is a must. Although Thailand has no issue of language barriers and there are ample pharmacies. Yet, carrying medicines is a good idea because that will make things easier with children. Nowadays, most kids want their old medicines and they refrain from having something new.


You may love to try new foods and digest them easily, the kids might not. Although, making a child learn new flavors is a great idea. While traveling it may backfire. Opt for foods that the children love such as Mcdonald’s or other food chains. Do make sure, the children experience street fruits and coconut water which not only is excellent hydration but the best way to warm up the kids for new flavors.

Make sure you drink potable water ( bottled water) in Thailand. As a single person, one may end up using filter bottles. However, with children, you have to be extra careful with water. Furthermore, if the kids are small with the usage of feeders and pacifiers you have to steam or sanitize the products.

Babies get attention

Your child might not be used to it, but Thai locals love babies. You might see them pulling their cheeks or playing with them. So do not worry rather enjoy it. However, in times of coiv all fun might not happen.

Plan activities

So with kids, you cannot absorb all the things in one day. Make sure that you include activities they will enjoy. Your shopping might not interest them but a trip to the sanctuary or national park will be loved. Make sure to not tire out the kids, this will only make their fun quotient small.

Flights for fun

Do not BE penny wise and pound foolish by booking a layover flight. Instead, pick a direct flight. This will not tire out the kids and keep them happy. Also, plan flights in a way that one can rest and regain energy.


Thailand may not be the most stroller-friendly country due to the road madness. However, you can always invest in a lightweight travel stroller that will be perfect for long walks at the airport and malls.

Hire a car

Tuk Tuk is synonymous with busy Asian countries. However, it should be experienced only once for the whole learning and memories of the trip. The ride is normally more expensive than the taxis. Recently, most travelers choose to get rent a car and a driver. For starters, it keeps the scammers away. Secondly, you can request a baby car seat while at the time of booking. More importantly, you can do the sightseeing and enjoy the scenery.

Make the child learn a few important numbers

This is important. Although, the country is safe and a happy spot for all travelers. Yet, there should be all care taken for the well-being of kids. Therefore, do make the children learn your phone numbers and teach them how to get help from the cops and people in authority.

Make the most of your Thai trip and show the beautiful South Asia that is a rich place of cultures and scenic beauty.

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