Tips for a Successful Road Trip

enjoy your roadtrip

Road trips are either loved or hated. There are two kinds of people those who love to hit the gas and discover beauty by road. The second type is the ones who’d be better on a plane or train knowing that there is access to the loo.

The change in the travel industry has come in full force due to Covid-19. Initially, it was a just slowdown on flights and trains. But, eventually, the dreaded happened. There was a lockdown. Each continent saw the rise and growth of Covid-19. In the year 2020 Easter was spent at home in most countries of the world.

But now that slowly lockdowns are being eased, things are looking positive.  But the fear is still strong. The absence of vaccines has led to minimizing travel plans. Business travel has also taken a big bullet.

The next big travel plan

All said and done, there is always hope. People cannot see their summer going wasted. Plenty of newly graduated students had plans. The graduations got canceled. Honeymooners had their bookings canceled. The hen parties all went on paper. So now when things are looking slightly better, there are plans.

People are going back to their roots. They are exploring road trips like they did when visiting their grandparents. However, the kind of digital era we belong to our threshold is low.

We want things instantly, a few shortcomings that we see on a road trip are

  • Car breakdowns
  • Connectivity via phone
  • Rush hour due to public holiday
  • Car sickness
  • Low gas
  • Unpredictable weather
  • Over speeding ticket

So when shortcomings are already highlighted let us find the best tips to make your road trip perfect

Check everything about your car

Planning is the key to success. Therefore, make sure, you have checked your brakes, engine, tires, gas, and tools. Also, ensure that your car insurance policy and a number of a good car mechanic is with you. Before leaving do double-check with google about mechanics in your planned route.

This is the best insulating idea for a start to some car tragedy. Be it a wiring issue or some heating, your planning can make the damage smallest.

Pack wisely and lightly

Instead of big baggage, use ziplock for things that are not very pricey and need extra care. The most important being sanitizers masks due to Covid-19. Also, keep a fully packed and checked First aid box.

To be on the safe side, keep a ratio of old clothes more so that in case of emergency you have no issues of leaving them behind.


In the current scenario insurance is a must. Be it your car or your health insurance. As an intelligent person, do have your health insurance updated so that in case of any emergency you have a cushion to fall back.

Adventure should be balanced

The road less traveled is not chosen for a reason. Use maps and Google for your safety and security, not for fun. Be careful especially if there are elderly or children with you. The thrill and adventure should be measured in doses. No fun in ending in a jungle or at a steep point where all have to push the vehicle up to get back to the road.

Rule awareness

Before starting your road trip please read up on state rules for different things. The drinking, smoking, LGBT rights, or anything that may be controversial or different from your home state must be known. A road trip is meant to be memorable and fun. Do your little research beforehand so that you are safe.

Use technology

Make sure to keep your friends and family updated about your stopover hotels. Make sure you are connected with your friends to help you in case of an emergency.

Cash & stash

Keep your plastic money and cash safe and in different places. So in case you are mugged there are chances of some amount being safe in your Pringles box or something innovative that you use to hide some cash.

Eventually, a road trip becomes successful when all the people in it are having fun. So don’t be a bully, let others take a chance at driving, playing music, or making choices of food stopover so they feel happy. The happy vibe of a road trip is essential with everyone having fun. So hit the gas and speed on the highway for a great classic summer vacation.

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