Things you may not see again at Disney World


Covid-19 has been a game-changer for everyone. Businesses, economies, and structures all have been affected.

The grip of the pandemic is strong even after six months of its first occurrence. Nevertheless, life is coming back to a new normal.  People have places to visit and honor their business commitments. After months of closure, places have been opening up.

Malls, parks, cinemas, and adventure theme parks are slowly making progress and opening for people.

What’s new?

The latest is that many customary things and activities of Disney World won’t be seen again. They are against the SOP’s or somewhat unhealthy in the prevalent conditions. Below are a few things you won’t be able to enjoy from now on at Disney World.

Jam-packed rides

The concept of social distancing triumphs all models of business. Therefore, the stress will be on taking people on rides only when there is ample distance amongst them. Ironically, the rides will require extensive cleanliness and deep clean procedure to ensure its safety for the next batch of users.

Shorter hours

The total working hours will be shorter. This is because of the need for extensive sanitization and cleanliness requirements at all touchpoints.

We have already learned that the reopening is planned in phases. Shanghai Disneyland at the moment is open but not completely. Presently, shopping, dining in the hotels are for the public. While the Disneytown mall adjacent to the theme park is also open. As the maintenance checks are also a part of work therefore public hours will be shorter.

Digital bookings and queues

Gone are the days for random walk-ins at Disney. Now all bookings will be done on a slot basis. People cannot get up and plan their day as per their will. Customize your outings of Disney beforehand. All your park movements need to be reserved beforehand.

Masks and body temperature

Gone are the days of walking in the way you wanted to. Now you will have to wear masks and be prepared to get a temperature check at all points. This is the new normal and has to be made effective soonest.

Parades & night shows

The extravagant and larger than life parades and night time theatrical performances are not an option anymore.  Presently, this is something that needs to be stopped. Only in the coming months, it will be decided whether the parades and other festivities make a comeback or virtual shows are made a solution for all.

Character meets

Shanghai Disneyland already change and reinvented the character meet. Consequently, this will be implemented in most places. The characters meet and greet will be limited or done from places of no access. Case in point constructed balconies or heightened platforms.

Fastpass+ is history

People have loved the use of Fastpass+. It is a smart way to book reservations for one’s favorite theme park attractions in advance.

People loved to use it as their stay in queues used to be shorter than others. However, in the current scenario, the use of Fastpass+ is invalid. As there is one formula that everyone is following.

Pin trading boards will be gone

As the world is going contactless, Disney is following the protocol. The exchange of souvenirs and touching all will no longer be done. Disney is opening up amidst a crisis. Therefore, any act that may bring a virus count to an increase will be dropped.

Tour and behind the scenes experiences

All the special tours and behind-the-scenes experiences are on hold right now. People totally love and wait for this experience.

Disney is a changed world because of Covid-19. All plans for the future will have a lot of changes for visitors. So with all the changes happening in our lives Disney is also altering and changing a lot of things.

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