Things you may not see again at Airports

As we are not sure when the international travel will reopen, some countries are operating with domestic flights. COVID-19 has affected the aviation industry immensely. And when people start to travel again after it opens up things will not be the same. There are going to be a lot of changes that we are going to experience. Right away from stepping in the airport, till boarding the plane.

Increased Passenger Safety

Airports are making continuous efforts to make the fliers feel comfortable post COVID-19. It will be mandatory for the employees and travelers to wear mask and follow social distancing. Airports will not allow attendants. Passengers who need special assistance can bring someone along.

After entering you will go thorough thermal scanners, capable of scanning fever of many people at the same time. Without affecting the passenger flow and then through disinfecting procedures. However, travelers with no signs of fever or other health issues will move further.

Touchless Check-Ins

Touchless check-in using face recognition programs will help to avoid any unnecessary interaction. Many airports previously used this technology but now it will be more common. Once you check-in your luggage it will also go through a disinfecting tunnel. Handling those security lines will be a tedious task. Since we are not sure yet whether that will be more crowded or it will take lesser time than before.

Health Screening / Quarantine

There will be more health screening and blood tests for coronavirus conducted at the airports. Hong Kong was the first airport to conduct coronavirus blood testing and providing results within eight hours. Passengers will have to self-quarantine for 2 weeks no matter what the results. Emirates is also conducting blood tests for COVID-19 of its passengers and conveying results in 10 minutes.

Sanitizing Stations

There will be additional hand sanitizing stations at the airport. People will have to follow social distancing when going through the terminals. Airports may not be using the bins for scanning possessions. Play area for kids will also be a thing of the past. As maintaining sanitization will be a big question mark.

Reusable Cutlery / Shuttle Service

Other than these, the shuttles are also increase the chances of close proximity for passengers and can be discontinued. Similarly, Airport lounges will have to be more spacious in the future. Airlines will not be using reusable cutlery. Many airports will have to re furnish the public washrooms with touch activated fixtures.

After landing at their destination passengers will again have to go through temperature screening and COVID-19 symptoms. Also at some airports they will have to go through a blood test before going out of the airport.

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