The world’s Largest Airport Gets Touchless

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Life after the pandemic has changed in many ways, be it economic or individual. This COVID-19 era has introduced many new challenges for the human race. Out of these many challenges, the most dreadful is the rising costs of business. Many businesses are struggling to keep the cash flow running, the economic impact as calculated by the experts extends far and beyond the impact of 9/11.

“Whatever the new normal it’s going to be more and more around self-service,” Sean Donohue, chief executive of Dallas-Forth Worth International Airport (DFW).

Technology at its Best

Amidst this chaos and turmoil, the airport has found new ways of enticing travelers. The airport has been working hand in hand with American Airlines to develop self-check-in for luggage. Not only this but the airport will also be equipped with touchless restrooms. They will have hands-free sinks, soap, flushing toilets, and paper towel dispensers. All features will be equipped with sensors to alert management when supplies are low.

“One of the biggest complaints airports receive are restrooms,” Donohue said.

Dallas is testing three technology options for luggage check-ins. These include the Amadeus’s ICM, SITA, and Materna IPS.

Dallas-Forth Worth International Airport has now become the world’s busiest airport. American Airlines is also responsible for making Dallas-Forth Worth International Airport the busiest of all. American Airlines has been operating all its COVID-19 flights through its hub in Texas.

Contactless Boarding

The Dallas-Forth Worth International Airport has also had the laurel to be the first one to keep contactless boarding. Dallas-Forth Worth International Airport made the biometric boarding last year.

Last year DFW rolled out biometric boarding — where your face is your boarding pass — for international flights and is taking advantage of the lull in international traffic to work with U.S. Customs and Border Protection to use the VeriScan technology for arriving passengers too, he said.

Although the Delta Airlines back in 2018 has opened its first biometric terminal in Atlanta. Other than this, a few airports in Europe and Asia are also using the same technology.

Dallas-Forth Worth International Airport is also testing new technology with developing better sanitization. The new system will use ultraviolet technology to combat microbes. This is not the only arrangement, the airport has hired a team of 150 people who actually go through the terminals and sanitize the high contact areas.

The airport has invested a huge budget in the cleaning and sanitation of the airport. The inclusion of technology is to set a mark for customer satisfaction and confidence building amongst the travelers.

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