The World’s Busiest Airport

Anchorage Airport Alaska

The small little airport of Alaska – Anchorage International Airport is lately rising to prominence. Although the airport is small and lacks any bling associations, this airport is equidistant between New York and Tokyo.

Small in Size, Big in History

It has now become the world’s busiest airport, especially on Saturdays. The number of flights rises high on Saturday for cargo. According to airport manager Jim Szczesniak, “on Saturday, May 2, we in Anchorage had 744 flight operations, whereas Chicago had only 579 and Atlanta had only 529.”

The Anchorage International Airport is generally the world’s fifth busiest airport. The Airports Council International’s annual report released earlier this week indicates that the passenger traffic is down by a good 90% due to the pandemic outbreak across the globe. According to Angela Gittens, ACI World’s director-general.

“The demand is pretty much gone.” At the same time, the demand for essential cargo has also been seen boosting. “We’re seeing an increased demand for cargo capacity,” says Szczesniak. “And that’s primarily because a lot of the supplies for the fight against COVID in North America are produced in Asia.”

Geographical Advantage

The Anchorage International Airport is located in the perfect geographical location. According to the airport officials The Anchorage International Airport is just 9.5 hours away from all the industrial hubs of the world. This means that the flights from around the world can land here and refuel with ease to their destinations. This is a big advantage as many cargo planes can with a come full load capacity on a half tank of fuel, stop at the Anchorage International Airport refuel the planes and move directly to their destination.

Host to the Heaviest

The airport is at the foot of the Chugach Mountains and the city has just a 300,000 population. But in these COVID-19 times, this small airport has stepped up to be the leading airport on the scoreboard. The critical medical supplies and essential goods during this global crisis are a must in these times for many countries.

The Anchorage International Airport has also had the honor of landing the heaviest aircraft of the world – Antonov An-225 Mriya cargo plane along with some other mammoth planes of the New England Patriots’. The airport has been using places that were never used for parking before, but the surge in air traffic has made new parking spots on the airport field.

COVID-19 Precautions

To make sure that the pilots are not a potential threat to Alaskans, the airport authorities have minimized the passing crew’s interaction with the Alaskans. Preventing sanitization is undertaken at the airport and the addition of UV light with handrails is used to kill all microbes and viruses.

The Anchorage International Airport is also preparing to passenger service to resume. The airport has installed a cleaning program to fight the COVID-19 battle. The disinfectants used in the cleaning and sanitizing process are hospital-grade disinfectants.

The aviation industry is losing big revenues in this pandemic era. The recovery of the business seems to be a slow process. The team at the Anchorage International Airport is proud of its efforts and more willing than ever to serve the world in this COVID-19 crisis.

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