The US and China – Tensions in the Air

United States and China

The US government has accused Beijing from restraining American airlines to resume flights to China. This has led to a scrutiny of Chinese airlines by the US, the situation between America and China is being a bit tense and both countries are spilling it over to the airline industry.

Impossible to Fly

The US Department of Transportation claimed that regulators in Beijing were “making it impossible” for US airlines to operate and land in China. The US Department of Transportation also informed that United Airlines and Delta Air Lines want to restart US-China routes early and have submitted the applications to the Civil Aviation Administration of China. According to the Civil Aviation Administration of China, airlines are to use their flight schedules for March 16-22 week.

Subsequently by this date the US carrier had completed ceased to fly these routes. The America airlines had closed all flights since the month of February. The Civil Aviation Administration of China has not responded to United and Delta Airlines requests to resume operations, according to the US agency.

Chinese Fears

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, US airlines took preventive measures and stopped flying to the Chinese routes. On the other hand, the Chinese government fears the rise in infections as people from other countries may carry coronavirus to China.

New cases reported in China are of those people who have entered China from other countries. This is leading to a big fear if flights are resumed from large countries like the US where the pandemic has created much damage to human life.

Meanwhile, several Chinese airlines have continued to fly US-China routes, with just one flight per week throughout the pandemic. As part of its requirements for US airlines, the Civil Aviation Administration of China also wants those carriers to accept liability if any passenger who arrives on their flight tests positive for Covid-19 in China.

Scrutiny for Chines Airlines

The Chinese officials told the US authorities that they might resolve the March benchmark but the number of flights will still be restricted to one per week. In response to this, the US Department of Transportation has issued requirements with complete details from Chinese Airlines.

These will require the Chinese Airlines – Air China, China Eastern, China Southern, and Hainan Airlines to file the flight schedules with all other requirements such as frequency of flights, arrival and departure times along with names of the airports, etc.

Beijing, has also responded to these requirements saying, “China is opposed to any US measures that may disrupt or restrict Chinese carriers’ normal commercial passenger flights”. Zhao Lijian had also denounced the US claim of pushing back on US Airlines. In a press conference, he added, that the measures taken are “open, fair and transparent.”

These flying routes are very important for US Airlines, from both passenger and cargo point of view. United Airlines reported a nearly $ 41 billion in revenue on the routes and Delta Airlines reported $43 billion in revenue of 2019 generated from the US-China routes, according to Forbes.

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