The UK to Relax its Quarantine Rules For Some Countries

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The travelers coming to the UK from some countries will not have to quarantine as the UK government is planning to relax its quarantine rules. 

However, the government will announce on 29 June that it has secured travel corridors with a few countries. 

The country’s officials are still in discussing with other corresponding persons of EU countries including Portugal. 

The government is reviewing the quarantine rule and will announce it on a set date about their decision. However, currently, all passengers coming to England from abroad will have to quarantine for 14 days. 

UK Travel Industry Not Supporting Government’s Decision 

The restriction of the government was not acceptable by the European airlines, travel industry businesses, and some politicians. This even caused the UK’s largest airlines to take legal actions against them. 

Moreover, almost 500 businesses appealed to the ministers to approve the introduction of air bridges. Consequently, these will allow travelers to come from other countries not to self-quarantine for two weeks. 

Furthermore, people arriving in the UK will have to fill out a form. An online locator form in which they will have to give their contact and travel details. Also the address of where they will self-quarantine. 

Moreover, if anyone fails to follow the rules will be charged with a fine of £1,000 in England. And the police have permission to use “reasonable force” to make sure everyone follows the rules. 

Moreover, if anyone fails to complete the locator form will have to pay  £100 fixed penalty. 

Border Force officers are keeping a check on people arriving. They have the right not to allow a non-resident foreign national entry if they refuse to abide by the regulations. 

But, when this policy was first implemented it created chaos and confusion for the passengers. The passengers had to face queues in order to fill the forms at the last minute. 

Air Bridges 

Earlier this month there were speculations that some authorities have assured a group of hospitality companies that air bridges will be in place for countries who are at low risk by the end of the month. 

However, A travel corridor would mean that Passengers coming to the UK and going to other countries from the UK would not have to quarantine for 14 days on arrival. 

It is understood that the blanket rules will remain in place for most countries throughout the summer. 

Meanwhile, there are speculations that Spain and the UK will be finalizing the decision on Air Bridge before Sunday. 

Someone from the Spanish foreign minister said, “Spain is willing to open to the United Kingdom, we are in talks with them about their quarantine. We are in a position to open (our borders to UK tourists) without quarantine.”

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