The role of Boeing 747 during Coronavirus

Boeing 747 Freighter

The airline industry has been hit most by the pandemic. The number of bookings have dropped an all time low, the industry is facing turmoil from all ends. Amidst this crisis the biggest challenge for any airline is retaining employees. Most of the planes have been placed in storage, the Boeing 747 is working day and night. these planes are the heroes in this crisis moving the medical and essential cargo items across the globe.

Many cargo operators who were operating silently through the years have now become a common name for the public. Operators such as Silk Way Airlines, Atlas Air, Air Bridge Cargo and Cargolux are the main players for COVID-19 logistical efforts. Their fleets include the 747F the F stands for Freighter.

However, the pilots face more difficulty on these trips than ever. Pilots are supposed to land and go to their rooms. They are away from their families and are not allowed to leave the rooms, as they might be carrying the infection. Which in any case is a mode of prevention for the pilots and the country they fly to.

The 747F has a unique feature the nose of the plane swings open and the plane is ready to be loaded. The plane also has a main cargo door at the rear end, the nose door gives the opportunity to load off-size cargo. This makes way for long pipes and other heavy and large offshore equipment.

Time and again the 747 has proved its metal in the skies. Be it passengers or essential cargo the plane with the hump has never let the chips down. The 747 is one of the most remarkable aero planes of all times.

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