The future of travel after coronavirus

The Future of Travel

COVID-19 has globally affected all the business but the most affected industry is the travel industry. Traveling has been on stand still since the pandemic has taken its toll. Some countries have closed their boarders, which has made it difficult for people to travel.

Due to COVID-19 companies have laid off employees, given pay cuts and holding new investments. About 25 million jobs at airlines and 100 million jobs of travel and tourism are at stake.

According to a data from SITA there has been a decline in the flights about 80% globally, 90% in Europe as compared to last year and in US the number of passengers per day has reduced from 2.5 million to 130,000.

Speculations are that it will take almost two years to get the same demand for the airline industry.

Once the airlines resume their flights post COVID-19 traveling will not be the same. There are going to be a lot of changes that the passengers will have to face. As some airlines have already implemented the mask wearing policy. Some are not giving refreshments in short distance flights, many are not selling the middle seat to practice social distancing. There will be high fares and lesser routes offered by the airlines. The passengers will even have to fill the health check forms.

Technology is going to play a vital role in helping the airlines to set up proper safety measures. As the passengers need to be sure that they are safe on the flight or while boarding.

It will be an instant shift to touchless traveling. As even though the airports follow the strict protocols of cleaning but, the exchange of travel documents, going to check-in counter and boarding will put to risk both the passengers and staff.

To establish touchless options to scan the details of travellers. A contactless fingerprint and eye and face recognition will be used.

Whereas technology experts are already testing the touchless data entry, touchless document scanning and voice commands. These routines will all be gesture controlled.

There will be a new healthy safety regime in every aspect of travel. When airlines will take measures such as sanitizing, providing masks and doing screening this will make the passengers feel safe to travel after COVID-19.

The passengers will be asked to provide their personal data such as age, health conditions and travel history.

Emirates airline is carrying out on site testing of COVID-19 for passengers. Whereas, European airports are giving health screening guidelines to passengers. Use of thermal cameras is becoming more common at airports.

New measures taken by the airlines will give confidence to passengers to travel with them. Any data taken by the airlines should be by the consent of the passengers.

The overall experience will be redefined under a new lens. Some of these current patterns will define the future of traveling. While most being temporary, some of these routines may be for the long term.

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