The future of Business Travel

Business travel

After the Covid-19 surfaced in the world we have experienced plenty of changes. The world compared it with Spanish Flu. All activities came to a halt. As a result, lockdown occurred in most countries of the world.

This takes everyone to the era of the great depression that occurred post-Spanish Flu. As the byproduct of the pandemic has already taken birth. The industries and economies are slowing down.

We have spent half the year of 2020 fighting Covid-19.  However, in this period the travel industry suffered the most. As personal travels, leisure trips, conferences, tradeshows, and more events were canceled. Many essential trips were shrunken down to emails, video conferences, and recorded messages.

Current scenario

Firstly, a forecasted amount of 820.7 billion dollars is the travel spend loss amount for the year 2020. This figure might increase or decrease based on the situation in the next quarter.

The corporate world has done a few things to block or minimize the pandemic effect

  • Canceled or suspended the business meetings for a future date.
  • Another majority has modified and crafted new business travel procedures.
  • Less important or non-essential travel is restricted to the minimum.
  • Ironically, many businesses have realized that technology can reduce the need for travel to a certain degree.

This does mean that a portion of business travel may never recur. This stems from the current conditioning of using digital platforms for meetings and presentations. Many organizations have gone digital and made reforms in work requirements.

Changes needed

To facilitate or bring back the business travel a few changes will be needed. Some of the changes will be needed to kick start the travel and a few as permanent features for travelers.

Choice of travel & accommodation

Air Travel cleanliness standards will go higher. Surface cleaning, filter cleaning, and air filter efficiency will be worked to create differentiation for consumers. Demand will be driven based on how much safety of health is assured by airlines.

Your airline and accommodation should be able to take last-minute cancellations. As the host country and others revise their policies at the eleventh hour based on medical situations.

Be swift

Before sealing the deals and giving amounts, be swift in checking the rules of the current country and destination country. Book your flights quickly as the chances of next are always less and based on more people demanding it.

Travel Insurance

Insurance is a great insulation for a potential loss. In the wake of the pandemic, one must opt for insurances. Primarily, one can purchase “cancel for any reason” cover or independent travel insurance. This helps in retrieving your cash even in case of last-minute changes.

Eventually, there will be times when you or your employee has to travel for work. In such a case, after ensuring the best hygiene of airlines and accommodation, we must learn the below regulations

  • Sanitizer is the ultimate arsenal for travel.
  • Carry ample masks for regular changes.
  • Wear gloves and discard them properly in the bin.
  • Learn to avoid touching faces.
  • Practice hand and body wash regularly, especially washing hands with soap
  • Wear masks.
  • If feeling down inform employer and authorities at the earliest
  • Practice distance of six feet while in a meeting
  • Keep your diet healthy with adequate water.

Future of business travel

The future is what we are doing today. Presently, we are making policies of security. Thus, all we know is that of now travel pundits are asking us to wait till September as there is hope for things to get better.

However, the most important thing now is to grease the oils of the travel industry. Best medical conditions for potential travelers can help in this regard. Additionally, this may include giving a quarantine facility. Thus, a better business travel package to retain the companies.

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