The first trip to New York rocked in Covid times

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This post is written on the basis of a meeting with my old friend Charan. This was his first-ever trip to New York. And, he loved it! He loved the fact that in times of Covid he could navigate and move in the city so easily.

So before I share any further let us all see things from another perspective.

The silver lining

The health scenario is not that bad! Yes, New York is functioning in a very positive way. There have been huge economic losses- Yes but one can always travel and explore.

This city has learned to live with Covid. In Charan’s opinion, this time was the best to experience New York. This sounds contradictory. Although, many people say that the beauty of New York comes with the fast crowds of people. But in the opinion of my friend, he believes he is not missing out on anything because:

  • Less crowd at busy places makes it easy.
  • Plenty of time gets saved as there are few people and queues are the smallest.
  • People are following safety and distancing.
  • Christmas prep is underway making NYC more beautiful.
  • Adjusting the minds to the new reality of Covid was achievable and so it makes travel easier.

However, be prepared to get disappointed at a few places. You may want to visit some theater or dine in a restaurant, such episodes may not happen. As of present, indoor activities are not promoted. But what one can do easily is plenty. So if you are planning a trip somewhere, I say book a ticket to New York because it is the best time to experience the city.

Hudson Yards

This is a much new attraction in New York. Hudson Yards is a project in work. However, it has been opened to the public. One may simply call it a city within a city. You can shop, dine, eat, and also check out the city. Edge the highest spot to see the crazy view of New York City. The most beautiful way to experience the city is from this spot. You can enjoy the sights of the vessel or absorb the insane art installations that will be put up.

This is the most lit place of New York.

Central Park

Again this is a very famous place that most people would say was never needed. However, we feel in times like these connecting with nature is of most importance. You can maintain the social distancing yet take all the snow and fun of December of New York. Do take a picture around Belvedere Castle as a great souvenir.

Intrepid Museum

Boys love this place, so did the first-timer Charan. His Top Gun obsession was satisfied with this place. The ship, air crafts, and the whole feel is beyond words. Additionally, the Covid presence means there are few crowds around. I spent three hours with him learning more about this museum. I might take the liberty to add that though I live in New Jersey still this was the first time I actually experienced New York in the best way ever.

National Museum of Natural History

This museum is open at present to the public. Moreover, with fewer people around one should take full advantage of this and visit this place. You got diamonds, dinosaurs, and everything from nature to man-made here. Mind you this place is heavily visited by tourists. However, in this time of Covid, you will find the place quite empty and easy to explore. My friend and I loved seeing it so quietly this time around. I’d recommend this place to be checked off the list for sure.

Madame Tussauds

Life is coming back to normal. So while you explore different boroughs of New York, do not forget to check out the attractions as well. Just book your tickets online. Take pictures with Taylor Swift or Donald Trump. Make this December fun and just next door is Ripley’s Believe It or not. You can buy a combo ticket of both the places and do the classic New York visitor thing in times of fewer people around the city.

Charan also visited Brooklyn and other parts of New Jersey and Brooklyn. However, this post is written keeping in mind the people and their apprehensions about travel. If an outsider can visit and enjoy New York then why not you! This holiday season look on the map and find a new American city that you want to explore!

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