The Bahamas Preparing to Reopen for Tourism

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The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation announces its phase one opening. In its first phase, all the Island of the Bahamas will welcome international boaters, yachters, and private aviation back to Bahamian shores. 

The Island opens its borders for commercial airlines. Bahamian citizens and legal residents or homeowners who qualify for economic permanent residency can also enter the country. However, the airlines reduced their flight schedules for the Bahamas. But now they are adding more flights to the routes of the Bahamas. 

By letting these small groups come in the Bahamas in the first phase will provide an idea of the effectiveness of the country’s new measures. The Bahamas Tourism Readiness and Recovery Committee set the first phase opening, a combined group of public and private sector partners. 

Phase One Opening 

In phase one opening hotels are also allowed to bring their staff back to work. So they can prepare for reopening by following all the new measures. This way they will be ready to welcome back guests when the country’s phase two takes effect. 

The country is reopening in phases in order to ensure that health and safety measures are properly implemented. Moreover, the country’s health sector remains well equipped for any unforeseen concerns related to the pandemic. 

The phase one tourism re-entry policy will build upon current allowances for inter-island domestic travel by Bahamian citizens and residents. Phase Two, which will allow the international commercial travel to the Islands, will commence on July 1. 

When Entering The Bahamas 

The travelers will have to show proof of a negative RT-PCR coronavirus test. However, the test result should not be older than 10 days from the arrival date. Children under the age of two and private pilots who do not deplane are exempted from this requirement. 

The Bahamas has made it mandatory for all travelers both domestic and international to fill an Electronic Health Declaration Form at their website. The travelers must fill the form prior to departure and for any inter-island travel within The Bahamas. 

After filling the form and completing, the tourist will receive an automated response. They will have to present this as proof of confirmation upon arrival at their destination. 

If the travelers fulfill all mandatory requirements set by the government of Bahamas, they will not have to quarantine. 

Travelers who do not comply with testing requirements or those who do not submit their health form will be denied entry. 

Boaters must inform marinas of their planned mooring at least 48 hours prior to the vessel’s arrival. 

However, citizens of Bahamas who are returning from CARICOM countries do not require to show a negative COVID-19 test upon arrival in the Bahamas. But they will have to follow other public health measures, which are currently in place. 

The government of Bahamas and health officials both are closely monitoring the conditions surrounding the reopening of borders. 

The Minister said in a statement, “Reopening dates are subject to change based on COVID-19 trends, if there is a deterioration in improvement, or if government and health organizations deem these phases unsafe for residents or visitors.”

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