Thailand to Invest $707 Million in Domestic Tourism

Islands of Thailand

The country which had more tourists than anybody is now affected by the pandemic like any other country. Thailand has always relied on tourism and the COIVD-19 crisis has had an impact on the lives of the locals. On average a vendor selling magnets and other souvenirs would earn up to the US $ 300 a day. But since the outbreak, the average earning has dropped to the US $ 5 -7 per day. Tourism normally accounts for more than 10% of Thailand’s GDP. 

A 3 Step Approach 

In the fight against the pandemic, the government of Thailand has approved 3 projects that are combined for a total value of US $ 707 million. This expensive project is set to revive the tourism industry. 

However, these projects will promote domestic travel from July to October. Since the travel ban on Thailand’s international borders, tourists have been absent from the once busy streets of Thailand. 

Package No. 1 

The biggest package has an estimated cost of US $ 579 million. Consequently, this package will support the local tourism by giving the travelers a 40% for up to the US $ 96 per night for up to five nights’ accommodation. Along with this, the travelers will also get the US $ 19 per day for food and souvenirs, paid into the government’s existing e-wallet system. 

Package No. 2 

The second package has worth the US $ 64 million. This package will give a local subsidy to up to 2 million Thai people. Subsequently, the locals will get 1,000 Bhat as a subsidy which is about the US $32 for travel by air, regional buses, and car rentals. 

Package No. 3 

This is a special package is for the medical workers and the frontline fighters against the pandemic. They will be eligible for credits of 2,000 baht ($64) for travel bookings through local tour agencies. 

International Travelers 

Plans for opening international borders are under discussion and the introduction of a travel bubble is underway. International travelers in a small number vet both by Thailand and their home countries will enter Thailand initially. China and New Zealand are being considered to be allowed as they have efficiently controlled the virus at home. However, the new cases in China are becoming a cause of concern. 

Hoping that such a huge investment on part of the government bears fruit. Travelers should consider all precautions and safety measures against the pandemic to ensure a safe trip locally.

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