Taiwan Takes Unique Measure Amidst the Pandemic

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Since the COVID era has started, many countries are having a tough time with tourism. Tourism in Taiwan is one of the major industries and contributor to the economy of Taiwan. With the borders closed for tourism the most famous Taipei’s Dynasty massage parlor has dropped the number of clients from about 600 a day to just one or two. 

In recent years Taiwan’s tourism industry was flying high. The land was famous for its food, natural beauty, and liberal laws by the government. But the pandemic has destroyed much of its tourism and many are suffering now. However, other countries have also closed the borders to avoid further outbreaks of the coronavirus.

Similarly, Taiwan locked down its borders in March when the virus was evolving and taking over almost everything. However, foreign nationals are still banned to visit the county. 

But interestingly there is a new way of visiting the airport, even if you are not flying out of Taiwan. With all the planes grounded and tourism on hold, the Songshan airport of Taipei is has come up with a unique solution. 

Tours at the Songshan Airport 

Songshan airport will give a unique experience to take a tour of the airport. Experience the whole in-airport journey and go home. This will also include the immigration and boarding and then returning through the immigration and arrival junction. 

These tours will be conducted on the 2nd, 4th, and 7th of July. 

Chih-ching Wang, deputy director of Taipei Songshan Airport, said: “People who didn’t have the opportunity to take international flights at Songshan (can) use this chance to experience and learn more about boarding process and relevant service facilities.” 

Selected participants can also complete surprise missions and take exclusive gifts. These participants will also be the first ones to experience the new facilities installed to combat the pandemic. 

This is indeed a unique idea to test the new developments for the airport with a handful of people. But in reality, the challenge may come along with the crowds. However, running a small scale test to identify the gaps and collect feedback is a brilliant way of accessing. 

Taiwan Contains the Outbreak

Taiwan is preparing to reopen its borders, the Minister of Transportation and Communications Lin Chia-lung has mentioned about reopening tourism. But this will only be possible when the country reports no local transmission for 30 days. The signs of the outbreak are now diluting and over the last few days, Taiwan has not reported any new transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

Hoping that the situation turns positive for the Taiwan government, the initiative to reopen tourism will also support the economy.

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