Summer Travel is Rebounding

Summer beach trip

Summer travel, which was next to impossible at this difficult time of the pandemic, is not the case anymore. As the countries around the world have eased their lockdown many people are exploring their options for traveling. 

However, in the United States, there is a significant increase in demand for traveling. People are booking home shares, visiting other states, and even taking RVs to travel around the wide-open road. 

People are not opting for international travel, as many countries have still not reopened their borders for international tourists. However, travel lovers are flying domestically after spending a lot of time staying at home. 

Mentioned below are the segments of the industry that have seen a drastic change in demand in their business.

Airbnb getting more bookings

The home-sharing rental service has seen a sudden increase in booking for the summer. There were more bookings between May 17th and June 3rd, as compared to the same time last year. 

CEO Brian Chesky said people are looking for destinations, which are within 200 miles from their homes and they can reach these destinations by driving. Moreover, he said that as many people are still working from home so they are making bookings for one week or longer. 

In addition, he said, “Work from home is becoming working from any home.” 

Similarly, last weekend from June 5th to June 7th gross bookings grew for the first time since February. 

Moreover, there has been an increase in domestic bookings in Portugal, Germany, and South Korea. 

Airlines scheduling more flights

Since last month there is a better than expected increase in the demand for air travel. Therefore, the airlines are adding more flights to their schedule. Moreover, shares of American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United rose last week. 

Airlines are adding more flights in their summer schedule as demand has increased. American Airlines is increasing its July schedule and taking out 140 planes from its storage. 

Most importantly, it is increasing its Florida and mountain destinations flights in the West. Its stock rose a whopping 50% last week. 

Delta also added 100 domestic flights in June. The airline plans to add more flights to its schedule in the coming months. United (UAL) is also restoring some major international routes too. 

There is a surge in bookings for domestic flights. From April 1 to May 31, the bookings have tripled especially for the southern United States destinations. 

Disney Decides to Reopen

Disney World is all set to reopen its gates for tourists after being closed for months due to COVID-19. 

The company plans to reopen in phases, it’s Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom parks will reopen on July 11. And on July 15 it will reopen EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. Disneyland and California Adventure are reopening from July 17. 

Disney is reopening with all health and safety measures to ensure the safety of the tourists and its workers and to prevent the virus from spreading at its parks. 

Few people will be entering the park at one time, parades, fireworks, and other events that cause crowds to gather will not be happening for some time. The guests will be doing cashless transactions. 

Disney parks in North America, Asia, and Europe were closed after the spread of coronavirus. The company’s biggest international park, which is Shanghai Disneyland, reopened on May 11, as it was closed from January 24. 

Recreation Vehicles 

RV sales and rentals are also experiencing an increase in demand in recent weeks. People are opting for these vehicles because of social distancing concerns. 

As compared to air and train travel people are more comfortable traveling in these vehicles, as there is no sharing with others. 

However, demand increased in mid-April as lockdown restrictions were eased. 

Outdoorsy, a competitor of RVshare is also experiencing an increase in bookings. Its bookings increased by 300% as compared to the same time a year ago.

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