Street food in Turkey

Turkey is a favorite destination of many travelers. There are reasons such as history, scenery and great people. The fact is that this country has the modernity of Europe and traditionalism of Asia. The merger of religions and a new approach towards tolerance makes it a great spot to unwind.

However, when people book Turkey for their travel they know that there is great food offered as well. However, why we are raving a lot about Turkey’s street food is because

  • Turkey is mostly a clean country, especially in Istanbul.
  • Streets are clean, indicating better hygiene of kitchens as well. One can view most kitchen easily on request.
  •  Exploration by foot means demand for street food.
  • This demand has led to many outlets and standalone carts to produce great food.
  • There are plenty of vegetarian items as well.
  • Meat lovers can call this country their heaven.

Let’s start with something sweet. Basically starting with the most iconic from the country


This is the Turkish ice cream. The elastic and chewy nature of the ice cream makes it not melt. Also, the ice-cream seller located in the sightseeing area makes a show out of it. They make the buyer hold the cone and take the cone with the help of the long spoon-like stick. The game of giving cone and taking cone happens due to the nature of this ice cream which does not drip. The buyers actually get entertained by it.

This ice cream is made by milk, sugar mixture and Arabic gum that is made from the pulp of purple orchids. So its is more flavorful and organic without chemical emulsifiers.


Simit is a very local and delightful breakfast item.

This can be described as Turkey’s answer to a bagel. It is a round-shaped bread, sprinkled, and coated with sesame seeds. Its taste is different from a different bread as the dough is dipped in fruit molasses before baking.

You can find this everywhere in the country. It is eaten plain, with hummus, vegetables, or simple coffee or kahva. This is a street item that is found on the streets in the houses everywhere.

Durum/ Dürüm

When hunger strikes while walking or shopping, you may want to eat something very tasty and filling. Durum is exactly that.  It is like a version of Doner. Thin slices of chicken or beef are wrapped in lavash bread filled with veggies, lime, paprika, and Kasar cheese. This is a power-packed food item that is meant to energize you and give the real burst of Turkish flavors in your mouth.

Balik Ekmek

This is a fish sandwich – simply described. However, in Turkey it is a signature local dish like what Fish and chips are to UK Balik Ekmek is to Turkey.

A solid good fish fillet, mostly Mackerel is grilled loaded with vegetables, lettuce, and pickles and sandwiched in white bread. This one is never getting down on the list of street food as everyone loves it.


This dish is definitely a quintessential street food. Baked potatoes are filled with a variety of seasonings and filling. You get Kasar cheese, chickpeas, carrots, corn and pickles doused in mayonnaise. In short it is  carbs of baked yummy potatoes with goodness of vegetables. This is easily available around many carts in the city.

Midye Dolma

This is hands down one amazing street food that people vote for. So if you visit turkey this has to be eaten.  Half shelled mussels are filled with aromatic herbed rice, currants, and pine nuts with a dash of tasteful spices such as saffron and black pepper. The stuffing is then sprinkled with a generous dash of lemon juice and eaten using the shell as the spoon.

This is easily available at most tourist spots and a real value for money with the kind of mind-blowing taste it offers.


This has been added because if you visit Turkey and do not eat it from the place of its birth, you are a sinner! Baklava is a sweet dessert loaded with nuts in a pastry form and doused in honey or sweet syrup. A delightful sweet treat that is available in all bakeries and also exported to other countires.


This is a Turkish Pizza. The dough is garnished with meat, vegetables, and seasoned with spices. Street food is epitomized with this delight.

When it comes to Turkey, there is a lot more street food that we have left for another session. Their tea and coffee is also worth a lot of praises which we shall share with our aspiring travelers soon.



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